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Washington DC Hit and Run 5K 2014

June 28, 2014

Regency Furniture Stadium

11765 St. Linus Drive, Waldorf, MD, United States


June 28, 2014

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Regency Furniture Stadium
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Race Start Time:

On race day, waves start at 9:00AM, with new waves beginning every 30 minutes.
The last wave of the morning is for Parents and Kids at 11:00AM.


Regency Furniture Stadium
11765 St. Linus Drive
Waldorf, MD, United States - View Map

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Cost & Pricing:

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What You Get / What's Included:

  • T-shirt
  • Matching headband


Course Description:

Hit and Run 5K is the hilariously humongous obstacle course; it will hit you, bounce you, splash you, flip you, flop you, and catapult you where no 5K participant has ever been hurled.

Every so often, while running along the 3.1 mile course, you’ll encounter what appear to be the largest, coolest, most intricate bounce houses of all time. But they’re for much more than bouncing. They were especially designed for the Hit and Run 5K, for you to challenge. How good are you at climbing, dodging, ducking, jumping, balancing, etc. Sign up to experience the funniest obstacle course to hit the 5K world!

Obstalces include:

  • Duck or Dive - Choose from 6 balance beams to cross over the pools. Try to avoid the giant, spinning balls, and you might make it across without swimming.
  • Wobble Walk - You will have to move quickly to get over the wiggling, wobbling posts in the pole walk.
  • Whacking Wall - Try to outsmart the whacking wall, but be on the lookout for flying, wet distractions!
  • Bouncy Bridge - Can you cross the Bouncy Bridge on your way to claim the victory over the course?
  • Slippery Slopes - You will have to try to stay on top of the skinny bridge, and go around or under the stalactites. But beware, you cross directly in front of four dodge ball canons.
  • Worm Walk - You get to start the course with a teeter-totter balance beam to help you warm up to the obstacle course. Keep your head up and watch for surprises!




This race is a fun run, meaning it’s not competitive. You can sprint, jog, skip, or even cartwheel your way through the course. It’s up to you. That being said, we’re planning to have timed, competitive races for past Hit and Run 5K participants in the future. So, if you think you can dominate our course and re-challenge our obstacles quicker and more flawlessly than others, you’ll want to signup for our email list to receive exciting news and updates about future events.

All of our obstacles were designed to be safe and fun for everyone. The amount of fun you have on race day is totally up to you. If an obstacle looks like more than you bargained for, there will be a lane set up for you to enjoy watching other participants, or just run past it to the next obstacle.

Hit and Runners 14 and older can run, get hit, flip, and flop in any heat. Runners age 10 to13 can participate in the last heat of race day if accompanied by an adult. A parent can accompany up to 3 kids.
To register with a kid, adults must register for the last wave of the day and then add up to 3 kids tickets to their registration. Kids will get the official t-shirt and the headband too!


It’s incredibly fun to watch people do these obstacles. It’s even better when you know the person. So the more people you have on your team, the more opportunities you have to laugh and enjoy the show! Teammates can run together or separate, and there are no relay elements, or additional rules for members of teams.

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