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Adrenaline junkies… get ready for the wildest, most fun race this side of insanity. BADASS Dash is the ultimate adventure and obstacle course challenge. The race series was created by three of the most unique individuals in the live event business, with a combined resume of over 75 years, specializing in sporting events and live action.

Each race consists of a 7k course with 45+ obstacles that will boast unconventional, but achievable obstacles that are truly BADASS. And although each race will have a minimum of 15-20 obstacles, not every race will have the same obstacles and you won’t know every obstacle that is on the course as the element of surprise is BADASS itself.

Whether you’ve raced a 5k, 10k, Mud Run, Trail Race, Adventure Race, Triathlon or any “Athlon” for that matter, the BADASS Dash will be unlike any race you’ve entered before. Whether you enter as an individual or come as a team, our goals for you remain the same:

  • To create the personal challenge of a lifetime…
  • To push you to your limit to see if you can conquer the extreme elements…
  • To make you overcome some of your wildest fears…
  • To earn the right to a self-proclaimed title of being a true BADASS!

A BADASS Dash Festival follows each race consisting of live entertainment, an expo area, food & beverages, prize giveaways, and an awards ceremony.

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Nov 08, 2017 by Corinne

This was my 5th year running this race at this location and I have loved the experience every single time but this was ...the worst! It was 30+ C degrees, you had maybe 3 water stations, had to stand in the start line for well over an hour ( what's the point in signing up for a wave time) in the blazing sun and when I approached someone representing "BadAss Dash" for some water was told quite abruptly "NO, this water is for the finishers!!" Are you kidding me?!? People were seriously dehydrating in that line up. Your usually peppy and encouraging volunteers mostly stood while on their phones and never said a word to anyone.

Oct 11, 2017 by Jnet

It was lots of fun, but not very safe. The rope on a wall have way for a woman that was just ahead of my friend and I. It appears she badly hurt her back.
The rope ladder on another wall was clearly fraying.
It appeared that not enough effort was made to make sure the obstacles were secure and designed to prevent things like rope fraying.
Also, there was dirt in the water offered. The water was stored in bags in garbage bins and scooped out with a plastic pitcher, instead of having proper dispensers.
There were rocks at the bottom of the water slide.
No effort was made to space people out for going down the slides either. I had someone slide right into me. Neither of us were injured but we both could have been.
There were also no portable washrooms on the course.

K9 Division

Oct 01, 2017 by Julia Luxemburger

Besides my teams encouragement and the fact it was a nice day, I was rather disappointed in this event.
The facility itself it was nice and the people friendly, but we were told that there would be no water for our dogs along the course and it was over 30 degrees Celsius.
We had a teammate stop partway into the race and it took over to minutes for someone to come and get her and drive her to the first aid station.
A few of the obstacles I felt pushed through and one was out of commission entirely.
A few of us didn't get Bad Ass Dash bags nor did we get our dog bags.
Upon finishing the race, there were only a few volunteers left, no celebration, no beer, no food trucks, none of the other things that other competitors had. Just because we were in th final division running, doesn't mean we were any less of competitors than anyone else. I was very disappointed in how this event was run.
We paid quite a bit of money for this event and half of the things we paid for were not available to us, due to the fact that it was later in th day. How is that fair?

Great Race, some obvious issues

Sep 29, 2017 by Scott Turner

Recreational division.

The race was really good for the most part. My friend and I really enjoyed it.

The worst part, in my opinion, was waiting so long(over an hour) in the very hot sun to start the race.

Another problem for me is that there were many obstacles where we had to wait in line to finish, which really beat up our time with one being a 6-minute wait.

Apart from these issues we had a good time and would do it again for sure although next time we will be trying to get in the first lines to avoid the waiting times for obstacles or go into the elite division.

Safety clearly not a priority

Sep 28, 2017 by Carrie Millman

I have competed in many ORC events at the easy and tough levels. Sadly I found this event to be lacking in the required safety not
only due to the unexpected heatwave but also due to poorly setup obstacles and lack of properly trained volunteers. Our wave was to start at 10 but we stood in line in the direct sun and heat for over an hour before we even got going. When we asked for water (the finish line water was next to the starting line) we were told it was only for the finishers (this despite the announcer reminding us to drink lots of water.) There were many water stations along the course
but the water was not strategically placed where it was needed most (top of the hill climbs) and some stations ran out. There were 5 obstacle broken by the time we reached them. Almost all of the obstacles that included cargo ropes to climb had frayed or come unattached on a portion of the obstacles. The obstacles were not fixed nor were there volunteers warning people, the participants had to tell each other. The elastic ropes attached the trees were not tied securely and one snapped off and nearly missed hitting a participant in the face. Multiple participants were seen fainting or ill and the volunteers seemed unsure what to do. They were not trained, they had no ability via radio to reach first aid and we watched as one volunteer sauntered down the hill to get help. The participants were moving faster. We were told the volunteers were short staffed because they were allowed to participate themselves before the day was over. Organizationally there were also a lot of issues with the kids race intermingling with the adults. That was an unnecessary bottleneck that caused further safety issue. The kids and dogs should have their own race space distinctly separate from the adults and it should have been run earlier in the day when the temperatures were not at their peak. The water events had one volunteer each despite the drowning risk and there were no lifeguards to be seen. The event itself was fun and challenging for the most part (stairs and push-ups are not obstacles). Being able to park onsite was great and registration ran smoothly.

Challenging and Fun

Sep 28, 2017 by Matthew H.

I had a lot of fun at this, my first Badass Dash. (rec division)

The obstacles were fun, though for a few the word "obstacle" might be a bit strong. :)

The heat certainly added to the difficulty I think.

For the slip and slide, while I don't think it should be removed (it's really fun!) a little more attention to the hill below the tarp might be warranted. Some sizable rocks got kicked up from previous competitors which I think is what injured some of the racers. A couple volunteers on hill grooming duty would go a long way toward making this safer while still being badass.

As others have said, and it was frequently echoed by other racers, a few more water stations would have been nice given the heat of the day. (Particularly on the hilltops)

That being said, great race, and looking forward to next year!

Sep 28, 2017 by Amy campbell

First time doing it and loved it! I really liked that the obstacles were interesting and fun and that they were challenging and yet doable. They were spaced perfectly and I liked that the volunteers were helpful in explaining each one and were motivating.

The only complaint I had is that it would be nice to have water stations at the top of the ski hills, I needed it the most then. IT was a very hot day so maybe a few more would've been good too.

Well done and thanks for the good time

Sep 28, 2017 by Rebecca

This was my first year attending the badass dash and it was most definitely my last. I was in the K9 division and we ran last on a ridiculously hot day. I found we weren't treated the same and most definitely made to feel like no one cared about us! There were very few water stations and the ones that were there were sitting directly in the sun collecting dust that was flying around and and not at all refreshing. Limited volunteers and the ones that were there were very useless. The lack of obstacles offered for us and the dogs was very disappointing.
I also think that it would have made more sense to allow the kids races and K9 division to begin before the other races because of the dangerous heat levels. My son ran in the kids one and it was just utter chaos and they only had 1 water station and no water activities . Better organization would have been appreciated.
This race was not cheap at all and did go to a good cause however you would think that they would make sure there were enough doggie bags for the dogs and ice cold beer for the participants especially if they advertise that that was included. Anyways totally disappointed with this race and will not be back next year.

Sep 27, 2017 by Stephanie

Not enough water stations, same as last year. Too difficult for rec. Last year was more enjoyable.

Bag Check was terrible!

Sep 27, 2017 by Daniel

The race was good, but not put together as well as Rugged Maniac which was in the same space as Bad Ass Dash. The quality of the obstacles were terrible, and I had more fun in the 25 obstacles in Rugged Maniac than I did in the 43 at Bad Ass Dash.

The Bag Check section was absolutely terrible, they actually allowed someone to steal my bag, leaving me with no car keys and all of my items stolen, which I am still in the process of replacing at a cost of $300+. Had I lived out of town, or put any other valuable items in my bag, this would have cost me a lot more.

The bag check ended up being a tiny tent where 2 people wrote your number on your arm and didn't even verify your bag was yours, allowing anyone to steal your bag. I came back asking about it and the only response I got was to write my information on a piece of paper and hope for the best. I absolutely understand Bad Ass Dash assumes no responsibility for lost items and have written that, but when you setup a terrible system for bag check which allows anyone to get their items stolen, it would have been no different than just leaving my bag out in the open. Rugged Maniac had a much better system and should have been something Bad Ass strived to meet. Obviously there were lockers, but they were quickly taken and in limited quantity.

I am definitely not going next year and I am telling my entire team of coworkers to skip out on the event due to the lack of care and lack of planning to cause this problem. I don't feel Bad Ass Dash is deserving of anyone's money.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 2.9 5.0 47 47 This was my 5th year running this race at this location and I have loved the experience every single time but this was ...the worst! It was 30+ C degrees, you had maybe 3