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Adrenaline junkies… get ready for the wildest, most fun race this side of insanity. BADASS Dash is the ultimate adventure and obstacle course challenge. The race series was created by three of the most unique individuals in the live event business, with a combined resume of over 75 years, specializing in sporting events and live action.

Each race consists of a 7k course with 45+ obstacles that will boast unconventional, but achievable obstacles that are truly BADASS. And although each race will have a minimum of 15-20 obstacles, not every race will have the same obstacles and you won’t know every obstacle that is on the course as the element of surprise is BADASS itself.

Whether you’ve raced a 5k, 10k, Mud Run, Trail Race, Adventure Race, Triathlon or any “Athlon” for that matter, the BADASS Dash will be unlike any race you’ve entered before. Whether you enter as an individual or come as a team, our goals for you remain the same:

  • To create the personal challenge of a lifetime…
  • To push you to your limit to see if you can conquer the extreme elements…
  • To make you overcome some of your wildest fears…
  • To earn the right to a self-proclaimed title of being a true BADASS!

A BADASS Dash Festival follows each race consisting of live entertainment, an expo area, food & beverages, prize giveaways, and an awards ceremony.

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Sep 27, 2017 by Norma

Very disappointing. I have done the badass dash for the past 5 years and this was the first year I had done the K9 division. Never again will I do this race.
* there were not enough water stations for humans or dogs
* for the K9 division, for humans, the water was poured into paper cups and left out on tables in the sun. It was warm and smelled and tasted disgusting. As well, some of the cups had dirt in them. Very gross
* there were very few obstacles that could be done by dogs
* most obstacles didn't have volunteers at them and some of them were very rude! I certainly understand it was hot but that doesn't excuse rudeness
* where was the beer that was included at ththe end of the race? Not only did they ran out. Very poor planning. That was to be included in the fee paid for the race
* many participants did not revive their dog bag at the end of the race since they ran out. Again very poor planning.

I feel completely ripped off and will be most certainly recommending to others to pass on participating in this event.

Sep 27, 2017 by Diana

Had a great time as always but needed more water stations through out the race amd also the slip and slide next year will be skipping as my whole left leg and right arm were scrapped up and bloodied and no now black and blue now. Also while in excruciating pain u have to get out fast b4 the next person runs u down.

Lots of fun, not NEARLY enough water stations though

Sep 27, 2017 by Tom Buurs

My wife and I had a blast through this, however there was not nearly enough water stations along the way, considering the heat of the days event.
I felt bad for some of the volunteers that had absolutely no shade or access to more water to stay hydrated.
Over all we had a lot of fun, but I didn't like that the monkey bars were after getting wet and going through sand... it made it near impossible to keep a grip.
We also had to wait about an hour in line and missed our start time.
Our daughter also did the kids run, and like previous years, she was hoping to go down the mudslide, but was disappointed that it was closed off for the kids.
She also agreed that there was not nearly enough water stations.

Worst year for the dogs ever

Sep 27, 2017 by Kristy

I had messaged prior to the event to see if it was cancelled due to the heat for the dogs and didn't get a response. There was not enough water stations for the dogs and the ones that were there, it was dirty water from the dogs getting in the pool (understandable) so we took from our water stations which was warmish water left in the sun. There were a few great volunteers but also one's that didn't speak to you, like the one doing the dock dive who didn't even acknowledge us when we asked how deep the water was. It was basically a very expensive dog walk as last year there were more things for the dogs to do obstacle wise. As well they ran out of dog loot bags at the end. I went with a group of 3 other people and dogs and although it was great to be out and the dogs had fun there should of been way more water stations for the dogs and we would of enjoyed some water not out in the sun. This was my fourth and final year participating in the event. More water stations and volunteers would be needed.

Lots of fun

Sep 27, 2017 by Katy

Lots of fun and obstacles were challenging but not impossible. Loved the route. Need to add more water stations when the heat is that crazy. The slip and slide was fun but very dangerous as the person who went after me would have slammed into my back if I hadn't gotten out of the way. Need some more direction at the top for that one. Only obstacle I found stupid was the potato sack. Not interested in challenges like that - all the others were a good test of strength and fitness though.

Extremely Poorly Organized

Sep 27, 2017 by Kristina Thomas

This event was very disappointing. The event was extremely poorly organized. I was part of the canine division and I feel as though did not care about this division at all. All of the races before us ran long, which is not a huge deal - but I still expect to be treated the same as everyone else who paid to run the race.

1. It was over 30 degrees. When I first arrived I began looking for water stations for my large, black, thick coated dog to drink from. I could not find any. I asked staff and no one had any idea where water stations were located for either humans or canines. This is extremely important especially given the heat, and the staff acted as though it wasn't a big deal that there wasn't any water.

2. I felt that some of the obstacles were unsafe and there were no staff around to ask for assistance if required. In the pool obstacle your dog was supposed to climb a metal rung ladder to get out. The average dogs I have met do not have this skill. I had to lift my 90lb dog out of the pool above shoulder height. Then once we got out of the pool we were expected to jump down onto wet ground with wet feet and shoes from a 5' drop. I watched a rottweiler make this jump and slip and fall on his ribs. So then again I had to lift my 90lb dog from a very awkward position. It would be totally ok to have this as an obstacle, but they need to offer a lower impact option to keep humans & canines safe during their races. I found this very upsetting because once you were in the pool you were screwed and had to figure it out.

3. Anytime I asked staff a basic question they were unable to answer it. This is also unacceptable.

4. There were almost no obstacles that were actually appropriate for canines to do. If the organization is going to include a canine race (which I THOUGHT was super cool) it should maybe consider consulting someone who knows even the least bit about dogs.

4. A beer was supposed to be included in price. When the canine race finished there weren't any left and on top of that all of the vendors were already closing up. It was a ghost town. So no chance for any comradery like I had expected.

5. There were supposed to be gift bags for the canine challengers. They also ran out of those. I have no ideal how an event that sells tickets in advance can mess up the count so badly.

I am seriously disappointed in this race. I will not be attending this again. Definitely not worth money and not recommended. Oh and a lot of the staff was also quite rude.

Sep 27, 2017 by Angela

This was my first bad ass dash. I did enjoy the challenge for myself. But I was super disappointed in the lack of water. After climbing a massive hill in such heat there should have been one there. There were many places that could have used more water. The heat wasn’t a surprise you should have adjusted the water stations with that heat. I am fairly certain I had heat stroke and was dehydrated after the race.

Sep 27, 2017 by Alanna

This was my first time doing the run and it was great my only issue was the number of water stations. Having water stations every mile or so was no where near enough especially with its be over 30 degrees and that was with out the humidex! Next time I would suggest more water stations for the runners wellbeing.

Stepped it up

Sep 27, 2017 by Ross

After running the dash last year I was shocked and surprised at the level of difficulty increase this year in Kitchener. Fantastic job guys! Reversing the course and adding the obstacles in the middle of the hill made a huge difference in the race.
The only thing I would change is the posting of the final results. When the top finisher of Elite is 1 hr, not sure how Rec runners can be done in 34Mins. Those results should be wiped as invalid, because they obviously did not complete the course entirely.

Sep 27, 2017 by K

This was my third year racing and I had an awesome time again. One thing I would change would be to remove the slip and slide down the ski hill, every year myself and others get injured on it. This year a nice "chunk" taken out of my hand and multiple deep scratches to arms and legs and bruising from going off the tarp and into the the actual hill. Also more water stations would have been nice, I'm pretty sure myself and my group had heat stroke after the run. The food truck options were disappointing. The only options were unhealthy ex: Boston pizza, poutine, pulled pork etc. I'm not saying to get rid of those options but to have alternative healthier options would have been nice. I also waited in line to race for an hour after my scheduled start time which sucked.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 2.9 5.0 47 47 This was my 5th year running this race at this location and I have loved the experience every single time but this was ...the worst! It was 30+ C degrees, you had maybe 3