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We are introducing our endurance challenge to dozens of cities all over the nation while building relationships around the military and civilian communities. Our challenges provide a fun and safe atmosphere of competition that promotes fellowship and personal growth.

Founded in 2012, by former Special Forces Operators, the GBC is an array of personal challenges to overcome by exhibiting strength, determination, physical endurance, problem solving and decision making.

Challenge your mind, body and spirit along 8 demanding miles. Each course is uniquely developed and specifically built to incorporate some of the most challenging terrain each location has to offer

The GBC consists of numerous events that will require the participant to push, pull, carry, climb or crawl their way to the finish line. Military style equipment, water, sand bags, telephone poles and various other obstacles combined with a creative race director are some of the highlights this 8 mile gauntlet offers up for its participants. The pain will be legendary, but the sense of accomplishment will last forever.

As an individual and team, the greatest obstacle you will ever face is to accept the challenge! Forge on one step at a time, make it to the finish line and walk away with a symbol of excellence; a badge of courage, a mark of distinction!

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Jul 22, 2017 by Christopher Peeler

Great race and very challenging for a soon to be 60 in a month. The Yoke run and the wet rope beat me but no problems with any of the other obstacles. Liked it better than the other mud runs I have complete. Very clearly marked course. Great jod by all the volunteers.

Feb 27, 2017 by Chad Mills

Had a great time. We had dinner the night before the race with some of the folks racing there on the grounds at the Y.O. Ranch which was awesome food. The course was good. It seemed like a glorified XC racing course. It had obstacles but they did not push or test your limits like I was hoping it would. So if you were a speedy XC runner more or less then it was a great course for you. None the less overall I had a great time running it.

Amazing as usual

Feb 25, 2016 by Lance Johnson

As usual Green Beret Challenge tested you mentally and physically. An amazing venue and very innovative obstacle ideas. Not only was the event top notch but Mark and the rest of the crew that day made sure everyone was taken care of. I can't wait for next time!!

Georgia GBC

Aug 05, 2015 by Curt Lacrimosa

It was very challenging , that for sure. It turned out to be more than what I thought. Very nice, well planned and organized. The staff was great. Some of the obstacles were defiantly killers.
The only thing I wish there was something else other than just carrying heavy stuff. I think they should do a PT test at the beginning. Basically honor system pt test. There wouldn't be enough staff to do all the participants.
Safety wise; I think it would be a good idea to someone in a boat at the swim obstacle.
Other than that I would consider it again. Thumbs up!

Special Ops Series Review

This was truely a challenge, not an obstacle race! It was exactly as they described: it tested my mental and physical grit, the PAIN is legendary, with a great sense of accomplishment!!!! I have a new respect for sled dogs pulling loads of 200+ lbs, and any military guys training with weighted down ruck sacks. This was my longest race of the year and by far the most endurance driven challenge!!! Glad to be a part of the finishers circle! Great group of guys, staff, volunteers, and well organized!!!

Nov 26, 2014 by Radostina Townsend

I did this race in August, 2014 - my first obstacle race ever! Very unique and the medals are the best!! I raced with a team of 4. I can't wait for the race on December 6th in Orlando, FL! It's going to be my last race for this year and I am racing as an elite!

The pain is truly legendary!!!!!

Came across this & something drew me to it. First time for running a race of any kind. Definitely enjoyed it. Will test every aspect of yourself, mentally & physically. Great group of staff & volunteers. Well organized. I even had family come from out of state & the support of friends rooting me on to do good. Will be out for the spring event.

Tough and incredibly fun!

I did a Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, and Tough Mudder this spring, but they all paled in comparison to the Green Beret Challenge. This one was tough! The other races seem silly in comparison; they make you jump in ice or get a little electric shock. The Green Beret Challenge was a real test of endurance and toughness. Lot's of heavy sandbags, slogging through water, and rough terrain. Definitely doing it again next year!

Not for the weak!

Be aware this is more of an Endurance Event than a typical Obstacle Course Race. It is a course that the everyday weekend warrior can make accomplish, while still pushing top athletes!

This is a DO NOT MISS experience!

Sep 25, 2014 by Collin Castaneda

I can't lie, when I first came across this challenge and did a little research into it, I questioned if it was something I could successfully complete. My interest level was there to be sure, but the intimidation factor couldn't be ignored: I'm just an average athlete after all. Sure, I've participated in obstacle course races before, but nothing like the Green Beret Challenge was sizing up to be. Being the kind of person who likes to push myself to the edge I decided to bite. Life can be short so you have to squeeze every damn drop of fun out of it, or so I believe. I can tell you this race did not disappoint. Neither in the arena of fun, or the push to overcome the mental and physical fatigue endured during the race. Nothing in the race was impossible to overcome, and things were certainly easier if you could apply some mental muscle to the equation, but make no mistake - this race will push you. When I crossed the finish line I found myself wishing it wasn't over. My advice - recruit some friends, build a team, take a leap of faith and sign up for an experience you won't soon forget. I know I certainly will again.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 4.8 5.0 18 18 Great race and very challenging for a soon to be 60 in a month. The Yoke run and the wet rope beat me but no problems with any of the other obstacles. Liked it better than the othe