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We created 5 and 10 mile courses using all of the wonderful rugged terrain Colorado has to offer! The race will consist of over 20 obstacles that will test your ability to run, climb, jump, crawl, and muscle your way to the finish. Be sure to bring the family for tons of fun post-race entertainment.

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Well, I enjoyed it!

Aug 24, 2015 by JMR

I thought it was a lot better organized than other reviews here are saying. At all the points where I was unsure where to go next, there were always little arrow signs attached to trees or stakes if I looked around for them. There was plenty of mud, at least in 3-4 obstacles, and the wooden obstacles were challenging but not so challenging that I couldn't get over them. The guy who did the announcements before our group started was entertaining and informative.

The middle part of the course was more of a steep trail run with a couple of obstacles, but the first and last mile were quite obstacle-heavy. The awesome water/mud slide was around the middle of the course.

The one downside is that the course was supposed to have a point where you can choose two routes, to give a total distance of either 5 or 7 miles. Due to wildlife sightings the 7-mile side was closed, but the 5-mile was still lots of fun. Yeah, a couple of water obstacles were shut down due to dirty water, but I'd much have that than go through the obstacle and get sick afterwards.


Aug 24, 2015 by Karen

Such a HUGE disappointment!! I had my kids registered for the mud run a couple months in advance. They were soooo looking forward to it. Not organized at all. A couple teen volunteers were sending the kids off to run. Worst of all - THERE WAS NO MUD. None - whatsoever. I complained at the event - after all, it is a "MUD RUN". I was told the mud dried up 2 days ago. They never refilled any of the mud areas with water. How do you have a mud run with NO mud - not even any dirty water. There is an area of dirty water with bar swings overhead - but I was told the kids weren't allowed to do that either. What on earth did we pay for??? The kids don't even get a free t-shirt - nothing!! Do not waste your time or money on this event - it was such a joke!!! Oh, and I have to pick 1 star, because Zero stars isn't an option.

Aug 24, 2015 by Lita

Where do I start! I thought this was a poorly setup mud run. After doing others mud runs this one by far can not compare. Several obstacles where not usable due to dirty water, at times I felt lost due to lack of signs pointing you in the right direction. Lack of venders and no clean up stations. I only gave it 2 stars cause the slide was fun. Oh yeah make sure to bring your own cooler with water and snacks because they do not supply this.

Aug 23, 2015 by Melanie

To say that this event was disappointing is an understatement. The obstacles on the website were nothing like the course. The five miles consisted of poorly constructed wooden structures you had to climb over, a water obstacle that smelled like sewage, and maybe one or two that were actually challenging. Many of the safeties that we encountered were young girls that didn't seem to know what was going on. We ran into a lady that had been jpes on and held under water at an obstacle and the "safety" had no idea. I didn't see any medical area set up. I wish that I would've read the reviews from 2014 before I signed up.

Surprised No One Died

Jun 05, 2014 by Jamie

Terrain-wise the course was very good and quite challenging. Event management and risk management-wise it could at best be described as lacking and negligent might be a better description. It was a good time but I wouldn't have been too surprised if someone got hurt or even died out there, or if a whole bunch of people come down with hepatitis or similar fluid transmitted diseases.
There was one water point along the ten mile course (i.e., the course that far fewer people take) that was out of unused cups when I got to it and I was in the sixth heat (10:15) of the race (it started at 9am and had heats every :15 minutes). The last heat was only starting when I left around 3pm so there was hours of people reusing cups. But they probably ran out of water by then anyway.
While the course I took was listed as being 10-miles my GPS with foot pod said it was just a bit over 8 miles. Though the purported 10-mile Insanity Run was poorly marked through much of it so I suppose there could have been a two mile loop I missed somewhere (though my GPS when mapped doesn't show any area where that two miles would actually fit.
The course route was very challenging. The obstacles were ok but by no means spectacular. Many of the early on obstacles were falling apart when I reached them, some with nail heads popping out to lacerate runners and others with spike shaped remnants of branches to impale them. Insane was certainly a good description for the race.

Broken obstacles and unsafe for racers

Jun 02, 2014 by Nick

This race was doomed before it even started. I was in the 9th wave on Saturday. The MC was telling people to run the wrong way at the start. I had to tell him which way the runner were supposed to run at the beginning. He then called over the PA for race organizers to come and help him. This happens many times before the race and many times after I had finished the race. Obstacles were not ready for racers when they were coming through the course.
1. Slip n slide
2. Rope climb over the water
3. Tree bridge
4. The top board on the 2nd vertical wall came undone as I was attempting to climb over without the assistance step.
4. The course was being marked as racers were coming through. So people had to back track.
5. Wood walls were unstable and rocking back and forth as only one person was on them.
6. OSB wood walls were chipping and falling apart as racers went over them. Why they were not painted to protect runners I do not understand.
Remember I say this and I was in the very first wave on Saturday.
7. Many board were either nailed in (which come out when pulled on) or not screwed in at all
Photographers were on their cell phones and camera's hanging around necks as racers ran up to them and past.
I ran last year (2013) and it was much better organized and safe than this year (2014). I have been doing OC races since 2009 in Colorado. I am a PE teacher and have built these types of obstacles for my field day. They can be taken down and reused over and over again.
I understand there is some inherent danger of doing these races, but when the obstacles were not even safe to be on in the first place is what I do not understand. Why even organize this event.
By the way, I have all the faults from the races with exception of the MC on video if anyone wants to tell me otherwise.
I do not understand why the obstacles would be falling apart during the first wave on the first day.

Jun 01, 2014 by Makaela

I was a volunteer at this. Me and friend volenteered together so we could be together and work together. We got in this truck and he dropped us off at random places. Sepratley. They just told us to pour water and give it to the runners. He said he would be back soon but never came back. Also, we both ran out of cups and water and tried calling who was in charge but she didn't answer for about 20 minutes. My friends station also needed a paramedic and we called and called and nobody came for about half an hour. This was a really bad experience for us. They also said we would get food and drinks but we didn't get any at all.

Jun 01, 2014 by Shelly

This event has a lot of potential given the location and the terrain, but unfortunately the race is very poorly managed. The website stated that they planned to have plenty of water stations. My husband and I ran the 10 mile course and there was only ONE water station in the first 5 miles. Once we finally came across another water station, there was no one there, and you had to drink out of a 10 gallon jug. Given the intensity of this race, the lack of water and personnel along the course is frankly dangerous. I hope the organizers of this event find a way to provide more support because what they have now is not good.

Jun 01, 2014 by Mike packer

First the coarse was challenging .the water stops either had no cups or no water,how frustrating !dying of thirst and unhappy runners! At the end to find no showers and no protein bars or bananas or something for energy was not cool!

Insanity Run

May 17, 2014 by Keith

The Insanity Run has been completely re-done. We are stepping up every aspect of the course. More water stations, More staff and bigger obstacles to cut down on the lines. 2013 was our first event and we learned lots. Come give us a try again and you will not be disappointed. Use promo code: insane5 to save over half off.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 1.8 4.0 17 17 I thought it was a lot better organized than other reviews here are saying. At all the points where I was unsure where to go next, there were always little arrow signs attached to