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Calling all Mortals! We're the world's FIRST obstacle course race series inspired by the world of magic and wizardry! Not into obstacle course events? Join us as a spectator for our immersive fan festival where you'll have the opportunity to sip on a mug of Witch's Brew while listening to one of several Wizard Wrock bands, catch a quidditch scrimmage, participate in potions class, play wizard's chess, and much, much more! Bring your wizarding friends and pitch camp in our Quidditch Cup Campground for an even more realistic experience! Brooms up!

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Muddy Mortal Denver Disappeared?

Aug 08, 2017 by Ryan Le

The race is this weekend, and they sent an email a few months back stating that they would send more information about race times. However I have yet to see such information. I tried to email them but I haven't heard any response. Also their facebook page doesn't allow us to post comments anymore either. They also seemed to have deleted all their previous posts. Seems like they just vanished.

Aug 08, 2017 by SadMuggle

I see a lot of people on here saying they're out the money because it's been more than 60 days since it was charged to their credit card. Please do call your credit card company! Once you're able to talk to an actual American in the fraud department, it should be easy enough to explain what happened. They CAN get your money back, even if it has been many months.

Aug 08, 2017 by MadMuggle

This event was cancelled without any notification from FitGeek Events, LLC, the company who put this together. They still show it's going on, but after no communication from them in a while, I tried contacting them via email and their Facebook sites. No response from emails (other than a standard "We're busy and will get back to you when we can") and the discussions and messaging capabilities were turned off on FB. So I contacted the location where it was to take place. They informed me that the company never paid their fees to them, wouldn't return messages, and so were taken off their calendar. DO NOT pay any race fees ever to FitGeek Events! I'm a struggling, single mom out $162.12 and my daughter is out her only major Christmas present.

Muddy Mortal is Fraud & a Scam

Aug 07, 2017 by Veronica Berry

Do NOT give FitGeek Events, LLC your money. The Denver event is supposed to be this weekend. I am writing this the Monday before and we have received no information. I have reported this to my Credit Card company as fraud

Muddy Mortal is a scam

Aug 07, 2017 by Johnathan

I bought 2 tickets to the Sept 2017 Va race back in Dec 2016. It was to be my wife's first OCR. I had initial questions and they responded back extremely quickly. Now a month its Aug and they have indefinitely postponed every single race so far this year(5 races), haven't actually secured a single venue for any of the scheduled 12 races, have deleted every single negative post on their Facebook pages, will not respond to any email or telephone calls, and most importantly they have changed their refund policy to "No refunds for any reason". All that being said they are still promoting through FB. Absurd. Since you only have 60 days to dispute charges through your credit card company I am out $110.
DO not do business with them or Fit Geek LLC(the actual owners).

Jul 22, 2017 by Laura

Complete scam!
No locations secured. Lied about issuing refunds. Changed their policies after they run into problems.
No integrity, completely unprofessional. They only communicate through Facebook where they block and delete anyone who asks questions.

Jul 11, 2017 by Matt C

Complete and total scam. They have now cancelled at least 3 events while changing their refund policies in the midst of it all so you will never see a refund. If you already signed up before this message, I would contact your cc company to get money back and also contact the BBB. You will only be losing money on this one if you sign up now.

From what I understand, the woman running these events has also pulled together other scam organizations to take money from people and run like the Sea Space Society.

Do NOT give them your money

Jul 11, 2017 by A scorned purchaser
Event Name: Snohomish Muddy Mortal 

These events so far have been horribly mismanaged. I was signed up for the Seattle event, and a series of increasingly suspicious happenings is a giant red flag to stay away from anything to do with this company.
1.) The name changed from "Muddy Muggle" to "Muddy Mortal", indicating they didn't have the rights to use any Harry Potter related media in the first place. This was unfortunate, but not a dealbreaker.
2.) About a month before the event was supposed to happen (in Seattle), everyone got a message that apparently the venue was never actually booked. And then the person who was supposed to do the venue booking ghosted the organizers. They mentioned trying to find another venue, but everything was understandably booked by that point. So the event would be delayed at best, and cancelled at worst.
3.) Once the inevitable tide of negative comments rolled into the event page, they started deleting everything that even hinted at being negative and stopped responding to most inquiries.
4.) Eventually (and unsurprisingly) the original event was cancelled "indefinitely", until they found a new venue. I don't know if they've done so yet.
5.) After the event was cancelled, they offered refunds that were a.) tracked through a Google Forms survey, and b.) might not be fulfilled until 90 DAYS after the refund request form period ended. There's zero consumer protection in a Google Form, and 90 days is a ridiculous amount of time to wait for a refund.
6.) All of the verbage on the refund form essentially said "Send us this info, we will acknowledge we got it, and then never communicate about the status of refunds again."
7.) They ended up completely deleting the event page for Seattle with no warning or explanation. I honestly have no idea if anyone is even trying to fulfill refunds at this point.
8.) The refund policy on their website changed to "Literally no refunds ever, for any reason." They can cancel the event for any reason and not give any money back. Seriously.

If you're like me and applied for a refund and have neither seen any money back nor an explanation as to why I should have to wait so long, I urge you to consider contacting your bank and disputing the charge. This is a company with terrible event management and shady monetary policies. Save your money.

Jul 11, 2017 by NB

Yikes! I'm so glad I held off on signing up because I had been following the drama that is Muddy Mortal. I wouldn't be fooled by this event. I don't think these people set out to scam anyone, but took on a project bigger than they could handle. At the same time they could be scammers because the way ALL events thus far have been canceled, they delete comments and reviews that are at all negative on their page rather then actually addressing the situation at hand, and they only respond to what they want to. It's super sketchy and I would warn anyone against shelling out the money.

Seems sketchy!

Jul 10, 2017 by B.E.
Event Name: Muddy Mortal Flagstaff 

I first heard about this event SUPPOSEDLY coming to Flagstaff AZ last year. I marked my calendar, but thankfully did not buy tickets. I've been watching the facebook page. First the name was changed from "Muddy Muggle" to "Muddy Mortal". I assumed they got a cease and desist from JKR or WB. No big deal. I saw that events in other areas were scheduled so I anxiously awaited pictures from these event to get an idea of what to expect and whether I wanted to participate. The dates for other cities have come and gone and I've yet to see pictures. A couple months ago, they changed the venue for our local event from Ft. Tuthill to "TBD". All of these types of events are held at Ft. Tuthill so I started to wonder where else in Flag they could even hold such an event. Today I received a FB alert that our event has been cancelled. Again, so glad I never bought tickets. I wanted this to be a real thing, but it just seemed sketchy from the start. :(

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 1.0 2.0 24 24 Don't fall for this. I signed up for the 2017 of this event. About a month or two ago it was canceled without email or notice and with no refund. I'm out $100 and no fun event. I l