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Out-Fit is designed by and for members and friends of the LGBT community who aspire to compete, make newconnections and celebrate community via outdoor endurance sports. Out-Fit is the first ever mass obstacle or mud run focused primarily on the LGBT community. The company was created as a fun alternative to meet people and make meaningful connections outside of the bar or club scene. In addition, the company provides proceeds of every dollar earned to a national and local LGBT charity organization that is striving to make a positive difference in the lives of LGBT individuals. all are welcomed and encouraged to join in the fun and challenge.

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All About the Terrain

Jun 23, 2014 by Dan

Parking was onsite and they claimed it was $15. We got there and were charged $10. Even though this was onsite parking, it was at a ski resort so it was about a half mile walk to the festival/starting area. Onsite parking still beats a bus any day.

Festival was small. Not a lot of vendors and no additional activities. They did have a drag queen doing karaoke. There were plenty of tables and chairs to sit and eat.

Instead of a bag check, you could rent lockers. Rental was $5. If you brought your own lock, you could get a big locker.

There was no archway, just a flag that said START. The DJ did his best to hype others up. There was a staff member regulating the starting position. As soon as you start, there was a big mountain to run up. It was a challenge from the beginning.

The terrain was on a mountain and consisted of dirt, rocks, and some grass. There was no mud, no real water obstacles (just puddles). The obstacle spacing was very well placed.

The obstacles were below average. They had under overs, a small wall, tires. The monkey bars were very unique. They were a mix of horizontal, increasing, and pegs. They had a traverse wall modified to make it very easy. The caged barbwire crawl was the best. It was a long tunnel made of cage with a barbed wire roof. Some tunnels were flat while others had large rocks. It was very tight and narrow.

Best Obstacle = Caged Barbwire Crawl
Worst Obstacle = 2nd Set of Tires

The water stations were great. They had water (with ice!) and bananas. They were positioned perfectly (usually after a hard obstacle or at the top of a big mountain climb). There were 3 of them (about one at every mile marker).

There was a final obstacle combo (slide and crawl) before the finish. The finish line was an arch and you were handed your medal upon finishing. No crowd or timer at the finish.

The showers consisted of hoses (with no backlog) and the changing area was a locker room. The locker room was not broken out by gender (maybe because this was gay and lesbian race).

They did not offer a t-shirt. They claimed you didn’t get a medal but they had them at the finish. They did provide an energy drink and a rope bag.

This race is on a mountain. The terrain makes it difficult, not really the obstacles. I managed to pick up an online deal for this race for $30 bottom line. This is the cheapest I have ever paid for a race (other than buying it off someone else). If you are within driving distance and you can get a deal, this race is worth is.

Jul 02, 2013 by Rachel

I've done quite a few of these types of races, and this one was pretty good. The obstacles were a nice mix of challenging-yet-doable and the terrain itself (steep and rocky in places) added to the fun. But given the hot weather and exertion of going uphill, I would have suggested having a water or mud obstacle early on to keep participants cool, as well as more than one water station. More mud generally and maybe a few more obstacles would have been nice, but overall it was a good experience and will make my list of races for next year.

Best Saturday Ever

Jul 01, 2013 by Link

Lets do it again!
More obstacles this time.
Can wait for next year! Almost all my friends who ditch me were regretting not coming with me to the challenge after seeing the pics. So next year it will be BIGGER and BETTER! Because that is how our rainbow community rolls.

Lots of fun!

Jun 30, 2013 by Heather Marie

This was a fantastic event and it was incredibly fun. It was very well organized, challenging but not terrifying, and lots of fun. There were volunteers at nearly every station who were friendly and helpful. The obstacles were sturdy and varied. All of the participants in the course were amazing. No one thought twice to help someone out. On two occasions, people stopped to help me with an obstacle I couldn't do alone. The community vibe was wonderful.

Any issues I had were minor and they certainly didn't detract from the day. For example, there was only one water station on the course and I think two or three would have been a good idea. Also, a few more obstacles involving lower body strength or balance would have been nice.

Overall, I had an awesome day. I loved every second and I'll certainly be coming back next year. And definitely with more friends!

Great event!

Apr 16, 2013 by Nicholas

Awesome and fun event! Many of the obstacles were well planned out and were challenging. Staff and volunteers had lots of positive energy, smiling and having a great time. Excited about doing this again next year!

Incredible Time!!!

Apr 14, 2013 by Mario

Had an incredible time!! This was my first mud run and did not know what to expect, so I was a little apprehensive. I had no idea how challenging some of the obstacles would be. For me, some of the obstacles that looked easy were difficult and some that looked difficult were easy. I completed all of them!! I always say that, if I can do it, anyone can do it. I know this was the first Out-Fit Challenge and I had absolutely no expectations as to the event. Just a few suggestions, I had the issue with the parking also, which could have been avoided by sending out a mass email or text. When my wave started, most of the obstacles had volunteers but a few did not. So, I would suggest making sure that there is a volunteer at every obstacle just in case anything happens. I am definitely looking forward to doing it again and I would bring more friends. Beer is always a motivating factor. :) Thanks to all the volunteers, you did a great job! Wish I could give a rating of 4 1/2 stars.

Apr 14, 2013 by Lauren

Had an awesome time! I wish that there was more mudd though!I have participated in a ton of different races, and have been always been able to all the obstacles these were extremely challenging because a lot required a lot of upper body strength, it would be better if there were more varied types of challenges and a lesser option for girls without upper body strength. Other than that I had a blast! :D cant wait for next year! Hopefully more people will sign up!

Awesome Mud Run!

Apr 14, 2013 by Keith

This was my first time participating in a mud run, and I honestly could not have had a better time. The courses were challenging, the volunteers who were stationed at every course were motivating, and it just made me want to get in better shape for the next time I compete in a mud run. Only complaints I have were minor logistical things such as where to park in the morning. We were told to park at a nearby college campus, and when I came, they told me to drive to the park. But of course, since its the first mud run of its kind, there would obviously be minor "hiccups". Overall, course was well-organized. I would definitely do it again, and I loved the beer at the end. Hopefully, next time it won't rain.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 4.1 5.0 8 8 PARKING = BParking was onsite and they claimed it was $15. We got there and were charged $10. Even though this was onsite parking, it was at a ski resort so it was about a half m