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“The Zombie Run” is a 5k Fun Run. Every Human starts with a life belt, you run through chemical spill zones, car crashes, and the apocalypse from Zombies who are on course trying to steal your lives!

“The Zombie Run” could be classified as a fun run…only if your idea of fun is running 3.1 miles from brain eating zombies trying to steal your ‘life belts’ and hopefully celebrating at the after party. Then yes,
this is a fun run too 🙂

“The Zombie Run: BLACK OPS” is the most extreme night run on the planet. 700 zombies. Fire. 3.1 miles of insane terrain. All of this followed by a night of camping (in select cities), bonfires, beverages, food and more. This is coming to limited cities in 2014!

It’s a 5K race.

Zombies run after humans.

Humans run from zombies.

Everybody goes to the afterparty.

If you can’t follow that, someone may already have eaten your brains.

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Nov 09, 2015 by Amanda

Waste of time.
1. No 'survivor' or 'infected' medals, just one medal for all. Regardless. So, where's the incentive to RUN FROM ZOMBIES??
2. No thrill of obstacles, merely one wall to climb and one net to crawl under. Really guys? Buzz kill.
3. No free beer at the end.
4. Not enough zombies to run from, but only long gaps of dusty trail.
Will not be returning. So sad that the attention to detail has diminished the past 2 years.

Nov 08, 2015 by Waste of money

This was such a waste of money. The actual 5k was nothing like the website makes it sound. This was my 3rd participating in this event and most likely the last. They advertise it as an obstacle course but really there are two obstacles throughout the entire course, a cheap net that forces you to crawl a few feet and a wall. In previous years they gave out "life belts" that you had to protect from the zombies in order to receive a survivor medal, otherwise you get an infected medal. This year there was nothing of the sort. Every medal said finisher and there was no incentive whatsoever to try and evade the zombies or to really be competitive at all. You could literally walk the entire course, let every zombie grab you and still get the same medal as someone who ran and did their best to avoid the zombies. At least the life belts offered a challenge. I'm not sure what happened to cause the quality of this event to decline so rapidly over the last two years but it's a shame because this use to be so much fun and was something my family and I looked forward to all year.

Fun...unless you're a serious runner

Oct 31, 2015 by XCRunnerGirl

EASILY finished top 5...and I'm a HIGH SCHOOL cross country runner. Very few people were competitive. Couldn't see 99% of the race. Wouldn't recommend unless you need an ego boost or you're not a runner.


Sep 13, 2015 by Marti A.

I did this run with my brother as a Zombie. We had the time of our lives! The makeup was great & we brought some of our own to look more authentic. The runners were funny trying to avoid us & the other Zombies never broke character either. We all partied together after with barbeque & beer & I can't wait to do it again. Great time for all.


May 15, 2015 by Amy E

1 obstacle ..false advertisement...never ever got a survivor tag! Save your time and energy for another run


May 15, 2015 by Amy E

1 obstacle ..false advertisement...never ever got a survivor tag! Save your time and energy for another run


Nov 13, 2014 by Patty

Online Website for the race showed that runners would receive a cool medal, cool glowing wrist bands and after party. Now strangely enough the Website is changed showing what we actually received a cheap dog tag and glow bracelet. There was no after party. Only obstacle worth mentioning was the wall. The crawl was like your knees were in glass shards and dusty. No mud for this mud run. No cool medal, and no after party. Very disappointed. Thought a black ops night run would be cool. Wont be doing this "mud" run again in the future.


Nov 04, 2014 by Samii

Highly anticipated this event only to be disappointed. First, all events I've done in the past allowed for package pickup prior to the day of the event. HumanMovement decided to have it same day. Cool, no biggie, check in was a breeze anyway. My team and I participated in the Black Opts section (Night version).

-Check-in was speedy
-Weather was not as cold as anticipated
-It was fun being chased by zombies and not know when and where they'll appear from.
-Food and beer available for purchase.

-No photographers, flofoto what happened to you guys? (Hello, you told us bring a change of clothing as though there would be water/mud and things that would actually make us dirty)---ALL CRAP, no change of clothes needed. Hence, I could have walked/ran with my cell phone in hand without the fear of it getting wet, etc and took my own damn images.
-NO MORE SURVIVOR MEDALS AT FINISH LINE---UM.....I hustled my ass off to maintain my 3 flags, while most of my team lost theirs, only to finish feeling like this was just a waste of time and money, when in fact it was. I was handed, well not even handed but directed to a box filled with metals the read INFECTED. No no, sorry, I want a SURVIVORS medal. One representative told my team, sorry all the SURVIVOR medals are done, you should have ran faster". WHATTT? No, how about as an organization, you should have been well prepared and not only catered to those that did the day run, Black Opts should count too.
I feel as though they did not prep properly for Black Opts and just gave us whatever was remaining from the morning run.
-No after party as advertised
-Obstacles were horrible, besides the wall to climb.

Booooo. I don't think I will be doing this run again or any events that the Human Movement is in

What a dispointment

Oct 20, 2014 by Charlann Walker

First of all site was changed 2x, the last time was 2 days before the event. Had to travel and extra 1 hour and 40 minutes. Would never have signed up to begin with, if we'd known this. This made the hotel an hour away,and too late to change reservations, and or find one at the Brockton site. Had family meeting from CT, so couldn't back out, had been planned for months! One wall to climb, a mud puddle and some buildings to run in and out of, and a fake cemetery, Very few zombies, although the ones there were very nice and not pushy. Mostly running, really was ridiculous. Warrior Dash makes this look like a kids event. There was water and staff was nice and did offer refund, but it was too little too late. Not many participants either. Not surprised!

Tales of an Infected

I did not survive. Our group formed out of necessity. There were six of us that entered the tunnel. The mist was thick and I quickly lost sight of my group. I could hear the zombies ahead. I quickly turned off my headlamp but it was to late for me. I was surrounded and my last flag was ripped away.

They didn't even look back. Had I out lived my usefulness? Did our time together on the coarse mean nothing? Was it part of their plan to sacrifice me?

Great venue for this event. If you are expecting Spartan and/or Warrior type obstacles you will be disappointed. The zombies are the obstacles. Running this event at night adds to the experience. I will be running for my life again next year and enjoying every blood soaked step.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 2.2 5.0 23 23 Waste of time.1. No 'survivor' or 'infected' medals, just one medal for all. Regardless. So, where's the incentive to RUN FROM ZOMBIES??2. No thrill of obstacles, merely one wa