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“The Zombie Run” is a 5k Fun Run. Every Human starts with a life belt, you run through chemical spill zones, car crashes, and the apocalypse from Zombies who are on course trying to steal your lives!

“The Zombie Run” could be classified as a fun run…only if your idea of fun is running 3.1 miles from brain eating zombies trying to steal your ‘life belts’ and hopefully celebrating at the after party. Then yes,
this is a fun run too 🙂

“The Zombie Run: BLACK OPS” is the most extreme night run on the planet. 700 zombies. Fire. 3.1 miles of insane terrain. All of this followed by a night of camping (in select cities), bonfires, beverages, food and more. This is coming to limited cities in 2014!

It’s a 5K race.

Zombies run after humans.

Humans run from zombies.

Everybody goes to the afterparty.

If you can’t follow that, someone may already have eaten your brains.

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A good time

Aug 10, 2014 by Greg

This is not a traditional obstical source race. The obsticals are the zombies. Pros: You get to run for your life from zombies. Cons: the 4:00 reschedule was rough. About 5% of the zombies and runners are dicks: grabbing multiple flags or tucking flags. Despite the problems, this is one of my favorite races.

Aug 09, 2014 by Sean

There was like 2 obstacles at the denver black ops run. I just watched a video on YouTube of the same race in a different state that had several more obstacles. Feel like I got ripped up.

Aug 04, 2014 by Jason

Swag, shirt, bag, wrist band, medal, and free beer
Cheap beer after
Lots of zombies
Night event

Not timed
No map.
Only 3-4 obstacles (probably why there was no map)
Zombies didn't follow rules
Ran out of survivor medals

Overall it was fun and I liked that it was at night but could have been better. Really needed more obstacles, and wish it was timed. I would probably be a zombie next time.

Aug 04, 2014 by Mike

The 2013 event was great and I do not think the Human Movement put this event on last year. Why? 2013 event had bands playing, many vendors for food and drinks, etc. Also had a 6 to 8 stall outside showers for participants to shower off their makeup, dirt, was very hot. 2014 had one food "truck" and no showers. People went home sweaty, dirty and make-up & blood all over themselves. Very disappointed! Would not sign up again if the same company (The Human Movement) puts this event on again!!

Colorado Zombie Run 2014

Aug 03, 2014 by Jon

Got lost badly on the way there, as did a couple of other vehicles, we all ended up outside some farm. That was primarily Google's fault, but there probably could have been some testing on the part of "Zombie Run" to make sure the routing was correct, I guess a lot of people got lost. My wife and I did both the 4pm run as runners (hot, but what do you expect? It's early August in Colorado, it's hot from 9am to 6pm.) and the black ops as zombies. Very fun, makeup was awesome as a zombie, I think good value-ish at 65$ a person total for both races. Also it is not up in Vail or Beaver Creek, so it's accessible, which was nice. The only problem I saw was that they let the public in as the zombies. The zombies aren't employees, they're regular people and most of them were there JUST to be zombies (not to run as well). I ran, so when I was a zombie later, I did what the "zombie handler" guy told me to- i.e. act like a shambling type zombie, don't sprint after people. Most were fine, but you get a certain percentage who were either (a) Jackasses, (b) Didn't feel the rules applied to them, or (c) both a and b. Oh well. We will definitely be doing it again next year, overall had a blast.

Aug 03, 2014 by Lynn

Not quite sure why they had us all bring a change of clothes or towels. We did not go through any mud pits like stated, nor did we really encounter any tough obstacles. It was very hot & they only had 1 water station that you stopped at twice. They made people go around obstacles that allowed only 1 person to go through at a time because the line was so long. We were also not happy with the fact that they moved all the start times to 4pm. This is why we chose the run & not black ops because we wanted to run in the day & have our evening free. There were 12 of us in our group & every single one of us agreed that it was not worth it & not at all what we expected it to be after reading all about it & watching videos. Very, very disappointing. Would not do this race again!!!!

Jul 30, 2014 by Matthew B

First of all they rescheduled the waves to start at 4 in the afternoon. In Texas. In the middle of July. Are you people stupid?!? But the part that takes the cake is they had NO water available at the starting line and the scarce amount of water on the course was HOT. Oh and it doesn't stop there. The so called "obstacle" course had only ONE, let me say that again, ONE what I would call "required" obstacle. There was absolutely no mud anywhere and I counted MAYBE 30 zombies MAX. I was a survivor and finished relatively quickly and they were already out if medals. Not worth the money I paid by far! I have never been let down so spectacularly in my life. I'm very disappointed in Human Movements take over of used to be an awesome mud run. I will never run a Human Movement event again. Don't waste your money you'll be disappointed.

Jul 28, 2014 by Amy Z

I would give no stars had there not at least been zombies on the course. This event was a complete disappointment; No, a complete disaster. There was NO running water, so the course was bone dry. There were only 2 obstacles on the "obstacle" course and they were ridiculous to say the least. Probably because there was NO WATER, thus NO MUD. The volunteers had no clue what they were doing. Oh, and did I mention there was no water to drink either?! It is Texas in late July and we were provided no cold water whatsoever. After mile mark 1 you were given 1 small cup of boiling, metal-tasting water. People were getting sick and dehydrated, while no one "running" the event helped them. When we/others asked for water during the blistering heat on a course with no mud or obstacles or shade, we were told to walk for it! When we asked how to get out of the course because some of us couldnt make it any longer without hydration, we were told to follow the course tape. No one from Human Movement was in Dallas for our 5K. They left us dry, literally! I was completely disgusted and will NEVER go through Human Movement again.

May 20, 2014 by Sky

Is this race still on?? Can anyone help me? This site you can still sign up for the race but on the black ops site there's no more spot for June 7th.

Great Black Ops Event, Thanks HMM

May 19, 2014 by Matt L

This was my first time running a race with HMM and my first nighttime Zombie Run (Black Ops) ... I was quite impressed. It was a very cold and dreary night so the general atmosphere was not as festive as when I did RFYL in WNY last year, but they cant control the weather and everyone just wanted to stay warm. The race itself was a nicely laid out course. The obstacles were challenging but not impossible and promoted teamwork amongst the humans. There was mud ... TONS of mud ... which made things interesting (my wife lost her shoe in the mud twice). The only thing worth noting on a slightly negative side was that there werent many "zombie zones" along the course (at least not compared to RFYL) but the zones that were there were stocked nicely and much wider than RFYL so it kinda evened out. Overall I was very impressed and my wife is now an OCR convert (this was her first OCR event). Unrelated to the race itself .. HMM deserves alot of credit in my book for picking up the mess that was left behind by RFYL's failure last year, they are a stand up company that puts on a great event ... we're signed up for a few other HMM events this summer in our area and are looking forward to them.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 2.2 5.0 23 23 Waste of time.1. No 'survivor' or 'infected' medals, just one medal for all. Regardless. So, where's the incentive to RUN FROM ZOMBIES??2. No thrill of obstacles, merely one wa