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The Zombie Mud Run a.k.a. Zombie Mudder is a Post-Apocalyptic 5K Obstacle Mud Run teeming with Zombies infected with the living dead virus… Finally, a reason to run!

Whether you are an avid mudder or you have never participated in a mud run, the Zombie Mud Run promises to be the most amazing, heart pounding, adrenaline producing mud run ever created!

The race course is complete with Army boot camp like obstacles that test your strength and endurance. You will come in contact with natural and man-made obstacles. Like all Mud Runs, you will need to climb walls and crawl in mud. To add an extra degree of challenge (and fun), we have added Zombies!

Its back story is based on a post-apocalyptic time where Zombies inhabit the earth and Humans must work together to save the Human Race. You may sign up as a Human or a Zombie. The Humans run the race with a flag football belt. These three flags represent your vital organs; Brains, Heart, and Entrails. The Zombies are stationed along the race course trying to eat your vital organs (capture your flags). If you finish the race with one or more of your flags, you survive. If the Zombies capture all of your flags, you are infected with the living dead virus and die (or at least don’t win the race).

The Zombie Mud Run is an event that is designed for participants to push themselves physically but in a fun way. Don’t let the Zombie angle fool you, this is a real Mud Run! You must be in peak physical condition.

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Average rating: 2.71 / 5 from 7 reviews.

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Awesome experience

Oct 15, 2017 by Michael

I did the zombie mud run Jr. today with my two sons and we had a great time. There were plenty of well dressed zombies and challenging obstacles. If you were disappointed with other races you should try this one. There were surprises hidden around almost every turn. The course for the most part was very well put together. Even though we got a little banged up we are already planning on doing it again. They did a great job with this one.


Oct 30, 2016 by Omar

I was excited to go to a zombie run anticipating being chased by zombies and running through lots of obstacles. I attended the zombie run as a runner in East Windsor, NJ. My review is based on things I observed.

This event lacked staff members and zombies. There are many parts of this run where they could have had zombies chase you but they didn't. They should have had staff members near every obstacle and with all the zombies for the safety of the runners and the zombies but they didn't. Zombies were grabbing the runners and purposely tripping the runners.

After the race one of the zombies told me that some runners were pushing them down and throwing water bottles at them. I didn't witness this, but I believed the zombie player because things I already saw.

The obstacles were a joke and poorly constructed. The zombie make up was poor as well and frankly not worth $20 to participate as a zombie.

Needs more staff members. For everyones safety.
Needs more zombies. Prob should lower the zombie admission to $10 in order to have more roaming "hoards" and a few more runner zombies on the long stretches.

The zombie run medal was nice and the t-shirt was awesome quality. The zombie run group picture was also good quality.


Sep 04, 2014 by Steven M

We did the last 2 races in East Windsor and they were terrible. Can't believe they're doing another race in this location. Seriously don't know why we even did it a second time but never again will they sucker this family out of our hard earned money. Obstacles are few and very cheaply and dangerously thrown together. My daughter got a bad cut from a nail sticking out of one of the short walls. Some zombies were pointless and were standing around the course smoking cigarettes while others were extremely aggressive and tackled runners. Also heard from other runners that they were grabbing women's private parts. There's too many other great races in NJ. Save your money and your sanity.

Apr 24, 2014 by Jessica

OMG we had so much fun last year we got an even bigger team together for this year!! The cool part about The Zombie Mud Run is it has everything- Obstacles, mud and those friggin zombies!! Can’t wait for May 17th to get here!

Don't Do it

Nov 06, 2013 by Tom Mc

I want my money back. Everyone should. Terrible, slapped together, last minute course, no obstacles besides a few wooden A-frame climbs, and 4ft walls....could have ran in the woods by my house for free. Never again. 1 star since cant select lower...should be negative 5 stars


Sep 25, 2013 by Felisha

I think this race was amazing, it was so much fun, i recommend that you do it. I totally wanted to run it again after the race was over, that's how much fun it was, and what helps is if you talk to people that are running with you (like if you get to know them sorta) they help you out during the race. So i say, do Zombie Mud Run, you won't regret it!


Sep 24, 2013 by Eric

Sucks. Save your money. Do spartan, savage, or, well anything. This was garbage. Fast zombies chase you "helpless" through narrow bullshit. They have chainsaws, are fast, and relentless, while you are weapon less, channeled, and defenseless. Fair? No. Stupid? Yep!

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 2.7 5.0 7 7 I did the zombie mud run Jr. today with my two sons and we had a great time. There were plenty of well dressed zombies and challenging obstacles. If you were disappointed with othe