Race Recap: Colorado Lozilu

By |September 23rd, 2014|

I did a fun race this past weekend with a girlfriend. It was the Lozilu race which took place in Broomfield, Colorado. Normally I steer away from girl only runs as they are not as challenging as I would like. But that is because I have over 50 OCR's and these runs are great for 1st timers, with no pressure of elite anything. It is to go out and laugh your butt off and to play, like when you were kids.

Women-only Events… No Dudes Allowed!

By |April 30th, 2013|

99% of Mud Runs & OCR's are designed to accommodate men and women of all ages, size & fitness levels; high school wrestlers are in the same heat as 50 year-old housewives, athletes and fitness models rub elbows with the dorky guy from your IT department and Tiffany from HR. The inclusiveness is sometimes part of what makes these events great, but at the same time there is surely a need to break some accomplished athletes into different waves - say, the "elite" start times and make room for all the normal guys and gals to compete with others on their same level. Sometimes, you can make something really special through the simple math of "addition by subtraction". Yep, I said it - cut the guys out of the equation and you have an even more enjoyable event for women the world over to enjoy. Are these "easy races fit for the girls?" Not necessarily - but they are created specifically for women (usually by women) and are exciting, challenging, and fun events that growing like wildfire in the world of Mud Runs & OCR's!

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