Follow along with Jon as he takes you through action and gives you multiple angles of all the obstacles you encounter during the Savage Race. Watch as he tries to out-trick the organizers to get over a water element – only to told that wasn't a valid route. Live and learn!

Contributor: Jonathan Watson (The Ultimate Weekend Warrior), from JWatson TV [Sell All Posts]

Geeknote: Head-mounted GoPro HD Hero used for filming the majority of the video. Hand-held Kodak Playsport for underwater/muddy parts.

Race Details: Savage Race.

Jon's Notes: This isn't from one specific wave time. I ran in the 9:30 wave with my brother and then went back and filmed some of the other waves later in the day. This is a mishmash or everyone all though out the day. Savage Race is similar to some other events I have done like the Warrior Dash, Spartan Race, and Tough Mudder. This was a great race with a lot of really fun obstacles.

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