This was one tough course. It was at Tuxedo Ridge Ski Resort in Tuxedo NY. This was the last day of the
Actual 4 races that took place here over two consecutive weekends. In the 4 days over 18,600 people raced. That’s a lot of bodies.

Being from Colorado I thought I might have an advantage with the terrain, nope I went up and down that mountain. I did not run at all, well I did for about 5 minutes in the beginning and then it was just uphill, rocky, boulders, tricky stuff. I do not have that same competitive edge as younger folks. I am all about self-preservation which I again executed so that I may race another day.

The venue was small and in several different places. You parked your car, walked uphill ½ mile to registration and then you walked uphill again to the festival area. And then you walked another ¼ mile just to get to the start line. This race started with the 5ft wall to get to the corral, then monkey bars, OUT, cargo net climb, atlas carry, 7 ft. wall and the gamble. You had the option of going on a single track with I think the tire drag or the way I went which was shorter with the tire maze. I am never going to pick longer.


Tractor pull, log Carry, monkey net and wadder were in the 1st half of the course. Two monkey bars obstacles were too much for me and I did not complete the monkey cargo net, but I did make it further than I did before so that is always a plus. The wadder was actually fun as you went in waist deep water and then climbed out and up a wall. No problems with the Herc Hoist, inverted wall was a bit difficult this time for me, and I am thinking hanging because of two sets of monkey things was tiring for my upper body. I made it though. Barbed wire crawl was next and it was dry and slightly uphill and just an interesting mix of elements.


It is probably my favorite obstacle and I made it through that no problems and no injuries. I had bought knee/elbow pads and they served me well. I am pretty sure we went uphill all the time, through the woods and the boulders and not a great place to actually run. Next up was spear and I tried my underhand approach this time and it worked! But alas it was my 2nd time. Since I missed it the 1st time, I thought I would try again because I was doing burpees anyway. At this point we went downhill, did sandbag carry, and rope climb. Then back up the hill to the traverse wall, through the woods again and downhill to the 8ft. wall, slippery wall and the fire jump and then on to the finish. That was certainly a different approach to a finish line.

I give this one a 5 star because it was challenging. Just when you think you have these races figured out they throw you a curve ball.

—–Martha Pasquale—–

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