Survival Run begins this afternoon as the racers are doing their last minute preps, eating huge meals and possibly questioning their sanity. We take a look at the team today before the race begins. The teams consist of two people and the team must stay together the whole race in order to be considered finishers. The two top teams to look out for are Team Beard and Platinum Rig.


Team Beard 

Team Beard brings together Christopher Accord and Ben Sexton. Both of these men are veteran extreme endurance racers. Although it is their first time headed to Nicaragua they have faced long, challenging races in the past. They have the endurance, strength and mental fortitude to take them all the way to the end. Accord and Sexton are both Death Race finishers and Sexton finished his first 100-mile race in the last 6-months. Watch out for Team Beard in the jungle.


Team Platinum Rig

Team Platinum Rig has Dominic Maurice and Chantal LaFreniere. Maurice is one of the minds behind the infamous Platinum Rig. This team is strong and ready to take on the obstacles. They should excel at any of the climbing obstacles and carrying obstacles as they spend a lot of time on the Rig. We will see how they do with the distance.


There are two other teams that have to be mentioned as well. Team Human Conditions brings together Harrison Lessans and Amie Booth both very strong competitors on their own. Lessens is a veteran of Survival Run and Booth finished all four Death Races in 2014. They are strong and ready to bring home a finish. The other team with Survival Run veterans is Los Payasos made up of Haidar Hachem and Nele Shulze.    Both know what the island of Ometepe is all about and they have teamed up to take on this challenge together.

The race begins this afternoon at 4pm local time in Nicaragua. Stay tuned for updates as the race unfolds.

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