Many in the OCR community received the same email this afternoon. The highly praised Civilian Military Combine (CMC) has cancelled their events for the rest of the 2015 season and is seeking new venues for 2016. CMC is a hybrid event which integrates a functional fitness workout and an obstacle race, creating a truly unique racing experience. Our contributors have often given the series high marks since it's inception in 2011.

For those who were signed up for 2015 events they can reach out to CMC directly regarding questions as well as refunds. This announcement effects those who were signed up for several events.

The Email Read:

New York, NY (Friday, July 31, 2015) The military inspired obstacle course race, Civilian Military Combine, also known as CMC, has announced that it will cancel its three 2015 events scheduled within the NY metro area.  This action affects those events scheduled at Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn; Camelback Resort in the Poconos; and the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds on Long Island.   Anyone pre-registered for any one or more of these events will be notified in the coming week of the cancellations and will be provided with a full refund, which is consistent with CMC’s customer policy. 

Expect an announcement in the future with information about the upcoming plans for CMC.

Those pre-registrants who are expecting a refund or have questions, may direct their inquiries to

About Civilian Military Combine:

Civilian Military Combine (CMC) offers a series of competitive fitness events, each defined by a one-of-a-kind, military-inspired obstacle course race. Launched on September 10, 2011 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11, CMC measures endurance with three to seven miles of intense fitness components including The PIT, a number of exercises resembling basic military training, scaling walls, rope courses and pipe crawls. To date, tens of thousands of fitness-focused, “weekend warriors” athletes of various fitness levels have registered for one or more of these Saturday challenges. Participants are scored in two areas, performance and timing, by a team of experienced and trained judges.


At this time Civilian Military Combine has not announced future plans for the company. Stay tuned as we learn more about the future of CMC.

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