This week, Matt changes it up a little bit. We are going from what you are going to be doing during a race, to what how you should prepare for one. Anyone new to Obstacle Racing has asked the question, “What shoes should I get?” After several years, this is still the number one question asked. This week we headed to Good Sports, in San Antonio, TX  cover the basic needs for the beginner, intermediate and advanced athlete. What features to look for, and what may or may not be detrimental.

In this video, Matt and Jordan Cover:

  • The four features of an OCR Shoe
    • Weight
    • Protection
    • Drainage
    • Grip
  • What is Drop, and what does it do?
  • Drainage vs Waterproof – Why is one of these bad?
  • How to step up shoes based on athletic ability

Check out for any of the shoes mentioned in the video, along with MANY others for anyone of all athletic abilities.

If you want to see some of the shoes Matt uses personally:

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