Brady Archer, World's Toughest Mudder Race Director to take hiatus after a wildly successful WTM2015 that saw Amelia Boone repeat as women's champion, Team Synergy with Ryan Atkins (WTM 2013 & 2014 Champion), Jon Albon (2014 & 2015 OCR World Championships Winner), Matt Murphy, and Eric Batty win the Team competition, and Chad Trammel triumph as WTM Male Champion in his World's Toughest Mudder debut.

Brady is the Senior Operations Supervisor at Tough Mudder, and has been a staple at World's Toughest Mudder since 2012 when he helped to plan the event and 2013 – 15 when he served as RD.

Now that WTM2015 is in the books, he will be taking a 9-month hiatus to travel the world, and left us with some parting words that he'll be back to either visit or take part in WTM 2016.

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