Organizing the nomination submissions for the “BEST OF 2015” Mud Run Guide poll was no easy feat. Everyone had a different way of saying the same thing, and there were SO many great choices. Pretty dull work, right? Well – it would be, but, as we all know – the OCR community has a way of turning the mundane into the ridiculous.

While we couldn’t use them, it seemed unfair to keep them to ourselves, so we thought we might share some of the more humorous/bizarre/downright inexplicable ones with everyone.


Some of our less “flashy” categories seemed to leave quite a few people stumped for answers. But just leaving that section blank would never do. Instead, we got:

Don’t know, don’t care

Hell if I know

Who is this for, anyway?

Stop asking me so many questions.



We were sorry to note that there were not many “Female Only” races to choose from this year, but we did not want to take the category out, and ignore those that have fought hard and survived. As is par for the course, not everyone agreed… nor did everyone seem to understand the category.

Had no idea there were any and am now feeling sexually maligned.

I coach in sports and study j, have two successful athletes

I am not a girl


In our request for your nominations for the best Female/Male OCR athletes, we not only got some creative spelling attempts, but we also received some very interesting opinions on the matter.

NominationsAmalie Boone, Alia Boone, A Bone

Linsee Wagner, Lyndsday Webster, Lindsay Atkins

Claude Gobo, Cloud Godbow, Clou Something-I-Can’t-Spell

I hate to say ___ because I am biased by our friendship and I adore ___, but she had a down year. How about ___? No, she’s a b***h. I am going with ___. No, ___. Damn it.

Your Mom.



And let’s not forget the men…

Chad Tramel, Chad Trammell, Chadd Trammell

Juan yong Pak, Junyong Pack, Juoug Pac

They are all a bunch of D**ks, except ___.



For “New Obstacle” it seemed some of you got rather introspective…and one of you decided it was a good place to overshare.

My age.

My budget.

My wife.

Barefoot hike through Vermont for the final Death Race. It knocked out 85% of the competition in 15 hours. I had nerve damage for months, and I had to get dewormed. Well played.


The “Biggest Sham” category was a tough one, but impressively, most of you stayed pretty on point. We did, however, have one submitter who managed to remain terribly polite while letting us know what’s what.

The ___ pro team. God bless I love them all, but so egocentric the promoters to not realize the Nordics train for this style racing in utero.


For our Race Director category, you offered up some really great options. We love seeing how much talent we have in this incredible sport of ours. But a couple RD’s were tough to track, as they come with several variations on their “affectionate” nicknames…and a few interesting attempts at spelling.

#EFFNORM, Normm, FNorm, F-U Norm, Norm Kock

Beard, The Beard, BEARDtm, Chris Beard, Christopher Accord, Chris The Beardacord


“Training Facility” was another fun one. It was amazing to see how many great gyms, boxes, Parkour, and OCR training spots there are all over the country. Some of you, however, seemed threatened with bodily harm, took it back to nature, or just decided to get personal.

Camp Rhino (I’d be slapped if I said otherwise)

My badass backyard

Outdoors. Gyms and boxes are for squares.

The trails, you elitist f**ks

Your Mom.


And lastly, we set you loose and gave you free rein with the “Training Device” category. I don’t think it will surprise anyone that we cannot post many of the responses, and I am still blushing from reading them. Fortunately, there were some that I could share without wanting to slap my face.

My hands and feet


Inflatable Unicorn Horn

Shake Weight (multiple submissions)

The patience it takes to finish this request for nominations

Keith Allen.


best-of-squareThank you so much to everyone for taking the time to submit all the nominations we received, both serious and hilarious. Make sure to head over to Mud Run Guide Best of 2015  and vote. While you won’t see any of the above choices there, you will see so many of the names and organizations that make up our incredible community.

And don’t forget, for every vote up to 5000 MRG will make a donation to the seven charities listed at Mud Run Guide's Best of Voting Open Post. Have fun, do good, and we will see you in the mud!



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