Today, Vogue magazine known for its high fashion, featured Victoria's Secret models in a new video and article released today showcasing the models tackling a Tough Mudder course. In the video the models, Romee Strijd, Jasmine Tookes, Stella Maxwell, and Sara Sampaio, showcase strength, and skill, showing it takes more than just beauty to be a Victoria's Secret model. Tonight airs the Victoria's Secret Fashion show featuring these four models. The video is part of the online series Model Behavior on Vogue.

This video features some of Tough Mudder's signature obstacles including the fan favorite King of Swingers and Funky Monkey 2.0. Do you think the ladies have what it takes to complete these obstacles? Watch the video and find out for yourself.


Victoria's Secret Models at Tough Mudder

See the rest of the story on Vogue online, here. Tell us what you think of the video. Were your favorite Tough Mudder obstacles highlighted in this video?

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