What happens when you have been in obstacle course racing for a couple of years? You have achieved Legionnaire status, you have a dinner plate sized trifecta medal, and have more Warrior Dash bottle openers than you know what to do with. For many reaching those initial goals was the driving factor for racing. After those goals are achieved, what is next? Introducing the Mud Run Guide Race Spotlight Series.


Dominating the Market

Obstacle Racing in North America has been dominated by a few companies since its rise in 2009. Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, and Warrior Dash have held the lion's share of mind space in the industry. They are all known for producing great events for participants at all levels. Recently, events like Savage Race, BattleFrog Series, and Rugged Maniac have all also taken a slice of that mind space within the industry. Sticking to these six series is merely scratching the surface of what the OCR Community has to offer.


Race Spotlight Series

Mud Run Guide has created a new series for 2016 highlighting some of the smaller high-quality OCR events. We are starting the series in North America focusing on some of the best of the best; many most have never heard of, within the United States and Canada. Twice a month we will be featuring a different race series in various locations around the country.


We aim to share the story behind the races from the race owners and directors point of view. Our Race Spotlight Series goal is to help expand the knowledge and reach of OCR to our readers and give you a few more options to try out after the major players make their annual stop in your area. Several regional groups have already created their own campaigns to help the OCR community find great regional races for the rest of the country we aim to help you find the best small (and large) races in your area.  We hope you look forward to this new series as much as we do!



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