Agoge 001 is currently underway in Pittsfield, Vermont. Spartan Agoge is the newest event in the Spartan Race Endurance lineup for the company. The event has drawn over thirty athletes from around the world to try and complete this 48-hour challenge. We spoke exclusively with Tony Matesi, Spartan Director of Endurance about the event and what participants have currently completed since the event kicked off this morning.

Agoge 001

Athletes gathered today in Pittsfield, Vermont for a gear check and a welcome to the event. Since that time participants have been involved in learning survival skills such as shelter building, fire making, and currently are in a land navigation class. The theme is winter survival and tonight those skills will be put to the test as temperatures are predicted to be as low as -20F.  Tonight the participants will take part in what the team is called a “shipwreck” situation where athletes will have to survive with minimal gear.

The goal of Agoge is unlike that of it's past sister event the Death Race. Matesi said the goal is to teach skills and have everyone make it through the event and not only learn survival skills but also find out more about themselves while staying on their “true north”. Matesi said he would like to see every participant make it to the end of the 48-hour event.

Learning during The Agoge training centers around:

Purpose: Having a clear intention or objective in one’s life.
Commitment: Being dedicated to a fulfilling, healthy, meaningful life through one’s actions.
Resiliency: Adapting to change and overcoming stress and adversity repeatedly.
Knowledge: Gaining information, facts and situational awareness through lived experiences.

Below is the Skype interview we just recorded as the event is currently unfolding. Due to bandwidth in Vermont, the quality at times is scratchy.


Learn more about Agoge here.

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