We start with teams coming back to the compound and Team Noah learning about Brooke's departure. Noah's team is in shock that Brooke is gone.  Ivette and Tony realize that they have to come together as they are now down two team members, and want to keep Team Tee's chances alive.

Our host, John Cena reminds everyone what they are here for, they are here to be pushed and pushed hard.

Evolution called “Moving Camp”

The teams need to break down a camp, solve a puzzle, traverse across cold water, find the parts to a wheelbarrow and put it together, haul the rest of their gear to the new location, put it up.  Whoever finishes first is immune from the circus.

Team Tee goes out fast, Team Rorke emphasizes communication and working together. Cadre Rorke gets frustrated with the lack of communication. Team Noah's team deals with a broken case but they find a way around the problem and move forward.

Tony has a hard time in the water, he is not a swimmer, which causes Team Tee to struggle. Team Nick ends up making it into the water last.

Despite Tony's issue with swimming, they get out of the water first.  Team Noah is in  second.

Cena reminds the teams that they might not use all of the parts to the wheelbarrow, anything they don't use has to go with them to the camp site.

Team Tee has their wheelbarrow done first but it falls apart easily. Team Noah gets passed Team Tee. Team Rorke struggles with the wheelbarrow. Team Nick comes in third.

All the teams start putting together the puzzles (which are the bottom of the tents). Team Tee and Team Noah are neck and neck in tent set ups.

Team Noah edges out Team Tee and wins their third straight Evolution keeping them out of the Circus.

The teams head back to the compound. Ivette is worried about going to the circus and her anxiety get to her as the conversation between her and Marc gets heated.  Team Noah takes a picnic and a hike as a reward for their win. Cena asks the other teams what is making Team Noah so successful and the answer is leadership and communication.

Team Noah is out on their picnic and Cadre Noah tells them that if they do get in the circus think about “How much stronger is it making me?”

Team Rorke is back in their quarters. Rorke stops by and teaches them more about making knots, as he feels like it will come back later.

Team Tee goes for a walk. Tee brings them gifts from Brooke to remind them that she is still there in spirit.

Team Nick talks about the circus, Maria makes is clear she does not want to go. She thinks Cam, the professional wrestler is a better pick.

We find out who will be in the circus.

Team Rorke: Marc (The Bodybuilder)

Team Nick: Cam (The Professional Wrestler)

Team Tee: Tony (Retired NFL Player)

Ivette and Tony talk about the circus. She is worried that she is going to lose her teammate and be all on her own. Cam talks about idolizing John Cena. Marc reads letters from home.

Cena meets with the competitors. Marc confesses that he looks up to Tony.  Cam and Cena talk about professional wrestling and how Cena inspired Cam to go for his dreams. Tony is talking about stepping up.

We arrive at the circus.

The circus starts with the obstacle course, remember the obstacle course stays the same all away through, it is just the endurance platform that changes.

Cena explains the endurance challenge. It will be a series of small poles, you will stand on one for 15 minutes before you step up to one that is higher and narrower.

Cam goes in the lead quick but gets stuck in the neck and Tony gets off the net first.  Marc keeps struggling with the obstacles, his mass isn't helping him.

Nick reminds Cam not to touch his legs as he will need him.  Tony takes the lead and comes down the net first. Cam was second.

Cam has a 10-minute advantage and Tony has a 15-minute advantage before they have to join.

All three make the third pole. Marc has a hard time with his balance and falls.  Team Rorke takes their first loss.





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