Going right out of the gate, the teams make a pact to not tell Team Noah (who has not had to do a circus yet) what had happened in the circus. We go right into the Evolution. Cena calls Team Noah the powerhouses of the Evolution. (So far they are undefeated.) Cena explains that this will be a test of observation and communication. The evolution is called Charlie Foxtrot.

Charlie Foxtrot

Team race to four different observation points.  Each point has 2 puzzle pieces. They must work with their Cadre to put together the puzzles, there are also obstacles to jar their concentration and focus. All teams are focused on breaking Team Noah's winning streak. Team Noah is the first back with their symbols and goes out to an early lead.  Their communication continues to be their strong suit. Team Tee is 30 seconds back and giving Team Noah a run for their money. The lead actually starts going back and forth.

It turns into a dogfight between Team Tee and Team Noah, but Team Noah proves why they are leading the pack and wins their 4th straight evolution. Cadre Tee talks about what it is like losing to the Army.

The teams meet together and they talk about the idea that they need to start playing dirty against Team Noah.  Jim wants psychological warfare, the rest of the competitors are not certain. Cena comes to meet with the teams a mentions an incident from the night before. The teams had no idea what it was about until Cena talks about it being Cadre Nick's birthday.



Cadre Nick takes his team out for a team building exercise of hide and seek with his team wearing gillysuits.  Cadre Rorke comes to train with his team and introduces them to knife fighting.  Cadre Nick comes to meet with his team who is arguing; Jim and Maria are arguing about the use of game playing.  Maria does not want to do the circus, even though she is the only one on her team that has not done it.

We come to the selection.

Team Tee: Ivette

Team Nick: Maria

Team Rorke: Haze (this will be her second time in the circus)

Cena tells everyone to think about what drives them, what pushes them to succeed?

Maria comes back to the base camp and has another argument with Jim about his “negative energy.”

Cena meets with the three doing the circus. Haze is focused, she really wants to continue to prove why she is here. Maria wants to prove that she is stronger then anyone gives her credit for. Ivette talks about always being told that she will never make it.

The Circus.

The obstacle course stays the same. The endurance test is called tree huger.

The best way to explain it is there are foot rests but they are extremely small. They will go back and forth between the top level of the tree and the bottom level of the tree. They can do whatever they want with their legs, but their arms must hug the tree. Haze goes out to the early lead. Cena tells everyone she has the top time so far. Ivette is surprising people in a solid second place.

Maria falls further behind in last.Ivette and Haze hit the net almost at the same time causing a crash at the bottom of the net. Ivette actually finishes first. Everyone is shocked at Ivette's fight. Maria is last by a wide margin. She has to start the endurance challenge first. Five minuets in Haze joins the challenge. Ivette joins after 10 minuets. They get through the first 20 minuets and move down to the lower level. Everyone has a different strategy.

Ivette is fighting but 40 minuets in they are all still in and keep going. As they climb to the next level, Maria falls ending the challenge. Cadre Nick talks about how Maria defeated herself. Cena asks Maria to ring out.



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