Last night the fifth episode of American Grit aired on Fox. The show took no time in getting to the Evolution. In this Evolution, the teams were tested on their survival skills. Teams had to build shelter, make fire, and purify water. The teams had an additional choice in this evolution a short or long route. The short route made the tasks harder and the longer route made the tasks easier. Also, each person will only be allowed to do a certain task.

All teams took the longer road.

Team Tee arrived first but Team Nick made shelter first.

In a shocker, Team Noah was in last place.

Team Nick took the long way while everyone else took the short way to water. Teams are having a problem bringing back the 5 gallons of water.  Tony from Team Noah dominates the water, being they took the shorter route doing the water tasks consists of using sand, rocks, and charcoal. The longer run just means pouring water from one to another.

Cadre Rorke was mad at his team after finding out they changed their mind  and took the hardest task on water after he decided they should go the shorter task.

Team Nick made it back with the fire supplies first and Jim dominates the fire task handing Team Nick their first win, and sending Team Noah to the circus for the first time.  Rorke is afraid that his team is constantly finishing last.

Team Rorke is accusing Goldie for not going 100 percent out there.  Goldie is angry with the accusations and walks out the door. Team Nick sits down with John Cena to celebrate. Cam talks about being able to sit down with his mentor in Cena. Team Noah sits down to talk about who is going into the circus.  Cadre Noah confesses he won't know until he has to announce the pick.

Team Tee: Tony

Team Rorke: Mario

Team Noah: Lisa

The girls who have faced the Circus come in and talk to Lisa and reencourage her about being able to do it. Lisa talks about how she does not want to be the weakest link. Cena sits down with those who are going to the circus. Mario talks about how his mom influences him, and he wants to be able to make a difference in children's lives. Lisa confesses that she is scared, but she wants to remember what she has been through in her life. She wants to be that solider that conquers everything.

The Circus obstacles are always the same.

The Endurance test is called double time. You will have to run to a log and back in 20 seconds or less. As they continue the time to finish will shrink. Suicide sprints anyone?

Mario makes it to the climbing wall first and dominates. Tony finishes second. Lisa does not give up but finishes third.

Lisa starts the challenge and finishes her first one, Tony jumps in and then Mario jumps in. They make it through the 10 reps of 20 seconds before it becomes 15 seconds for them to come back. No one seems to be tiring. They make it through the next 10 and the time gets shaved down to 10 seconds.

They get through circuit 22, Lisa is struggling but she keeps pushing. The boys don't seem to be struggling.

Lisa ends up faltering. You could tell she was pushing with everything that she had but she just could not meet the cutoff.

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