We have made it to the half-way point of the season for American Grit the popular Fox reality competition show. Team Noah reflects on the having one less member. They loved Lisa, but they also acknowledged that she might have been the weakest on their team. Rorke takes his team out for PT with the log. Rorke admits that it is going to be more like team punishment but is in there with him. Goldie admits not listening to Rorke made the team fall apart.

It is time for the Evolution. It is called “Bridge It.”

The teams have to get from one end of a 60-yard course to another as a team without their feet touching the ground, there are obstacles along the way they need to face.

The first obstacle, the teams must traverse 2 cable bridges. They have a loose rope to support them.  Team Noah gets their entire team over first. Team Nick is right behind them. On the second cable bridge, teams are struggling. Team Noah breaks through first. Tee suggests her team commando crawl and it worked bringing them to third.  The second obstacle, the teams needed to tie two planks to get them over the wall. Team Noah flew through it.  The third obstacle was using those planks and barrels to get across a 40-yard divide. Kjoy from Team Nick makes the first mistake, sending the team back. Team Noah gets in first, and Team Tee is right behind them in second. The last obstacle is the teams needing to use their plants to traverse a series of poles.

Team Noah takes the evolution.  It now makes them 4/5 on the Evolution. There is love in the air back at race camp as Cam and Haze are on the couch snuggling. Team Noah gets to work out with John as their reward.  They are challenged to a friendly lifting competition; John teams with Claire to go against the guys of Team Noah and the best total wins.

But what we didn't realize was Noah was in the competition too. He did his lifting with a 60-poundd kettlebell for 20 reps.

We get to the selection for The Circus

Team Tee: Ivette

Team Rorke: Goldie

Team Nick: Jim

Everyone is reflecting on being in the circus.  Everyone has done the circus once.

Cena talks to everyone. Jim was not crazy about balancing and is hoping to not see it on the endurance platform. John compliments Ivette for turning her attitude around and pushing herself when Team Tee's numbers are down. Goldie is on a mission to take care of her family.

The endurance test is called Squat Until You Drop


You squat in a 3X5 foot box. Once you are in the box, you pick up a small piece of lumber that has a cylinder that they must balance and keep the cylinder on the piece of lumber while they squat.

Ivette and Jim are neck and neck in the obstacle course. Jim wins but not by much.

All three look calm in their squat box as they pass the 15-minute mark. Before you know it all three had made it through an hour. Watching this is awe inspiring. Ivette's cylinder drops and she is crushed.  Tony comes down to reassure her that she has done nothing wrong.


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