On American Grit Episode 8 the teams were faced with an evolution that was essentially a really complicated version of capture the flag. One teammate selected by the Cadre has 30 minutes to fortify their bunker using only basic materials. After 30 minutes another teammate will try and breach an opposing teams bunker and capture the flag.

With the exception of Team Tee who is a team of one with Tony.

The winning team also has a chance to spend time with their family. Cam, Haze, Tony, and Mark are fortifying for their respective teams. Each team came into it with a different perspective using ropes, chains, and wood. Mark was pulling knots so tight that his hands had been bleeding.  Everyone else was looking at making it as intricate as possible. Jim, Tony, Mario and Clare had been assigned to a random bunker to breach. All they had was pliers to break through.

Jim as a cop had a unique ability, and broke through to the door quicker but struggled with the door. In a shocker, Tony got through the door first and for the first time saved himself from the circus. Willing not only a chance to visit family but this would be Team Tees first win.

Haze is annoyed with Cam’s inability to build a barricade so he ends up sitting up a date night for his new found girl.Noah takes his team out for a ruck just to get to know what his team is feeling before the circus. Cam is certain that Nick is going to pick up for the circus. Nick actually thinks that Haze is playing mind games with Cam.

Cena comes to visit the competitors. He was going to introduce Tony's visitor for winning. Tony ended up giving Haze the family visit so she could see her father who she has not seen in four months. Hazes father is retired marine corps.  Seeing her dad was a light under her.

They end up having to do the selection inside due to extreme elements. Cena reminds the contestants that no matter the weather they are in the circus

Team Nick: Cam

Team Rorke: Goldie

Team Noah:  Mark

Cena springs a surprise on them, their cadre will not be there. They can choose one person to go with them from their team to be on the platform. Cam is confident coming in, Goldie is on her third circus and Mark is on his first. The endurance platform is stilts. They start on the first run of their stilts and on command they move up to foot rests that are smaller.

Mark and Cam take the lead.Mark is surprising everyone by taking a commanding lead and then assures his win by flat out jumping at least 6 foot down the cargo net.

Goldie is frozen in place while the other competitors struggle with their weight but all get up to the second set of footrests. Everyone makes it to the top level.  Mark struggles with his bigger feet on the smallest platform. Cam is struggling with just the feeling of being uncomfortable. Cena helps to push everyone. And Cam slid off.

Next week will be the finale.


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