Cooldown Episode 6

The Cooldown episode 6 brings you tips, tricks, and news from the obstacle racing world as well as the greater endurance community. Scott Jones is the host each week hitting on timely topics to enrich your training and life. This week he tackles a series of questions starting with “What is the opposite of play?”

It may not be obvious to you but if you are into OCR and endurance and recreation, in general, we think you'll “get it”. Tune into this week's episode and cooldown brought to you by Athlete on Fire as you get the lowdown from Jones.

The Cooldown Episode 6

Show Notes

  • The world sees tragedy again but it isn't the tragic place it seems.
  • We actually seek physical suffering in the 21st century so maybe things are a bit better than they seem, overall.
  • A weird ailment hits the host.
  • Are you training for a hilly or mountainous course this summer?  We start a five-part series on creatively training for that terrain.  The Cooldown is a part of the Athlete On Fire network.

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