Tough Mudder continues #ObstacleWeek counting down the top five fan-favorite obstacles. Today coming in at #3 is Pyramid Scheme, the puzzling obstacle that takes teamwork and coordination in order to succeed. This obstacle takes a team to get up and over it. Enjoy your favorite and some never before seen moments from the obstacle. Today is all about Pyramid Scheme at #ObstacleWeek.

#3 Pyramid Scheme

Throwback Obstacle Moment

We asked a few people in the Tough Mudder community to share their favorite memories of this obstacle. Matty Gregg and Ehsan Farkondeh are some of the unsung heroes of the Tough Mudder community. The two have already been highlighted this week for their dedication to helping others on obstacles. Today is no different. Gregg and Farkondeh can often be found at Pyramid Scheme for hours helping others up and over the obstacle. As Gregg said, “It's the only obstacle where other people's help is required to finish it“.  The two have helped thousands up and over this seemingly impossible obstacle at first glance. Gregg shared this story:

13418939_10154216865932790_7215307809054205588_nThe obstacle is the “great equalizer.” Because elite athletes try to do it themselves, they sometimes find that it takes longer than even the casual of runners. I remember one dude, ripped to the core, was sitting in front of it for 10 minutes trying to figure out how to get up by himself. Meanwhile, in those ten minutes, Ehsan and I have formed a ladder and are boosting everyone up. Finally, he accepted our help and was able to get up with ease.

Another loved member of the community Cassie Harris shared this story with Mud Run Guide:

I think my favorite experience with it was in Tough Mudder Arizona. They placed it RIGHT after mud mile… which felt like it was actually a mile, so everyone was covered in slop trying to get up it. Our group had been helping people get through mud mile, so we were the last ones up pyramid scheme. We were one of two groups left, with only 3 people left to pull up, and one of our guys lost his grip.

The whole crowd gasped, which I thought was funny. It was like one of those action movies when someone starts to fall and is miraculously able to grab on to something and not die. He was able to stop his fall by grabbing onto Carlo's toe.. and we were able to get everyone up.

Queue James Bond music. 

Tips for Conquering Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid Scheme is an obstacle that takes teamwork and creativity. But don't take our word for it. Check out this Just the Tip episode featuring Coachified. Learn how you too can successfully succeed at Pyramid Scheme.

It’s your turn share your favorite moments on Pyramid Scheme with Mud Run Guide. What is your story to tell about the obstacle? How have you conquered the obstacle? Have you built a human chain before or attempted to conquer the obstacle all on your own? Share your thoughts and story as part of #ObstacleWeek at Tough Mudder.

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