While most people will never make it to Tibet to scale the largest mountain in the world, for us in the OCR world we only have to go as far as out local Tough Mudder to conquer Everest. Over the years, Everest has gotten bigger and tougher. This slick quarter pipe is over 15’ tall, with a recurved top to make it extra hard to get that handhold. Today is all about Everest 2.0 as part of #ObstacleWeek.

Everest 2.0

Throwback Obstacle Moment

Mud Run Guide contributor Wesley Kerr was asked about his favorite moments on Everest 2.0 he recalled two stories that have stuck out throughout the years.

“I'd share a story, not about me but two others on the course, the Matty Gregg and Ehsan Farkhondeh story from Temecula. In Temecula, they did one lap each then on their second lap they stopped at Everest and helped over 1,000 people. Embodying the true sense of the Tough Mudder spirit of comradery.  

Another really cool story is also from Temecula. Hanna Copper and myself were walking a lap of the Tough Mudder Half with my wife. We made it to Everest and got everyone up, then we saw a lady struggling to get up to the hands of the people up top. We pretty instantly started making a human ladder with 5 people on top of each other to get her up. She ended up climbing up us. Afterward, she broke into tears and said thank you for strangers helping her get up. She said that she had lost 120 lbs for the event.”


Tips for Conquering Everest 2.0

Everest is one of the pinnacle obstacles of Tough Mudder next to Electroshock Therapy it is one of the most talked about obstacles. The key to this obstacle is teamwork, speed, and trust in your fellow competitors.

13445515_10154216871737790_7888918329013333434_n1. Speed – As you run up the quarterpipe keep your momentum going

2. Grip – When reaching out for an open hand for that last boost lock wrists for better grip and strength

3. Trust – Trust those around you will help you up

4. Give back and help others after they helped you. 


Find more tips on how to train for Everest 2.0 here. It's your turn share your favorite moments on Everest 2.0 with Mud Run Guide. What is your story to tell about the obstacle? How have you conquered the obstacle? Have you built a human chain before or conquered the obstacle all on your own? Share your thoughts and story as part of #ObstacleWeek at Tough Mudder.


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