OCRTUBE continues to bring Europe to North America as he continues his European tour with a stop over the weekend in Oslo, Norway for the Tough Viking Race. Tough Viking offered up the mountainous terrain at their race this past weekend. Many considered this event the toughest one yet from the race series. The course was set in the beautiful Oslo Sommerpark (Tryvann Ski Park), there were about 20+ obstacles within the 10K course, with the most challenging obstacle being the mountain climbs that took a toll on many of the athletes.

Check out the latest from OCRTUBE.com highlighting all the action at Tough Viking. Be sure to catch Tough Vikings take on the beloved retired Spartan Gladiators. A unique twist on a class obstacle course racing challenge. Arnel Banawa continues to bring Europe to the North American OCR community with his fantastic videos covering all the obstacle course racing action.

Tough Viking – Oslo, Norway

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