Camp Rhino in Las Vegas, Nevada is just one of many gyms around the country that offer Ninja Warrior classes. Arnel Banawa of headed to Camp Rhino to speak with founder and owner Julie Johnston about how she got started with Camp Rhino and a preview of some of the obstacle offerings at the gym.

OCRTUBE Camp Rhino

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at Camp Rhino from 8-9pm learn how to jump/dive/hang-over/under/through the Ninja Warrior obstacles at Camp Rhino. You will also learn gymnastics movements that will help you progress in your obstacle AND CrossFit training.

The format is loose and fun, with creative challenges and enough tips and tricks to keep you busy practicing until next weeks class. You can jump into any of the classes, anytime. Each class will be taught to the best a person's ability with modifications as needed.

With the diverse offerings from Camp Rhino every obstacle racer, ninja warrior and weekend warrior can a class to help improve their fitness and strength on and off the course. With two locations in Las Vegas and Idaho when it comes to training Camp Rhino has the OCR Community covered.

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Have you been to Camp Rhino? What was your experience?

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