Are You Not Entertained? – Maximus Decimus Meridius, Gladiator

If Gladiator Rock N' Run‘s founder, Dan “Nitro” Clark has his way, hell yeah you will be:

One of OCR's Most Well-Loved Events, in One of Sports' Most Revered Venues

With 5 Super Bowls, 100 Rose Bowls and 1000's of other colossal events, the world's best athletes have charged through the players tunnel as 100,000 cheering fans slammed to their feet.

But on Saturday, August 27th, 2016 – YOU are the athlete. YOU will rumble down the players tunnel into the legendary stadium. YOU will have the chance to follow in the epic badassery that came before you.

Will you join the battle-hardened warriors of the past by conquering obstacles like Quads of the Gods, Polar Bear Plunge and the Beast?  Or will you be left crying in mud, sucking your thumb, asking for your momma?

To find out, grab all your friends, sign up now and join us in an epic rivalry that dates back to ancient Gladiators, a battle relived every year by Trojans and Bruins alike. Sierra Nevada beer, food, rock'n roll and Gladiator Glory await!

Rockin' Distance Options

This is perfect for athletes of all levels, from first time racers to seasoned vets. 3 miles over diverse terrain and packed with awesome Gladiator obstacles. It is a challenge, but believe in yourself and what you are capable of. You got this.

10K / 25 OBSTACLES Super Gladiator is a great choice for experienced Gladiators and newcomers who want to put themselves to the test. It's a proving ground for your stamina, tenacity and grit with 25 obstacles over tougher and more rugged terrain.

* GOLIATH * (7:30 AM, Eligible for 1st-3rd Overall Men & Women Award)
The Gladiator Goliath is for the elite and competitive Gladiators to step up and show what you are made of. Your courage, tenacity and grit will be tested as you try and conquer 50 Obstacles over 10 plus miles.
Entry is VERY LIMITED. We will only allow 100 racers in the GOLIATH wave. Once the 100 entries are gone – that's it.


  • ELITE – is a feeling in your heart that manifests as courage and a belief in what you can do – not how fast you run.
  • Please note that Goliath is two laps of the Super Gladiator Course.
  • All Goliath Gladiators will have gold bibs and must run in their designated wave.

Don't Wait – Waves SELL OUT!

20k Goliath & 10k Super Gladiator start at 7:30am and are almost sold out!

5k Goliath: 9am, 9:30, and 10am are already sold out! 10:30am (almost sold out) 11am, 11:30 and 12 have open spots – don't miss out on this great event in a world-famous venue.

Use discount code MRG2016 for 15% off your Gladiator Rock n' Run registration!

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