New England Spahtens has long been established as one of the premier obstacle racing clubs in the United States started by Paul Jones, Jessica Wohlen, Mike McKenzie, Sandy Rhee, Beth Jones, Nate DeMontigny, James Horgan, Jeremy Fedderly and Ellen Duffey in 2012. Since that time the group has been working tirelessly to spotlight local obstacle races in New England and the entire northeast. Paul Jones has been tirelessly championing the club since day one and one of the most recognized people in the industry.

New England Spahtens were the first club to start the #racelocal movement which has now grown throughout the country. This movement rewards those who seek out local races and helps continue to keep obstacle racing healthy in their region beyond the big players.

Recently, Jones of New England Spahtens started another venture and avenue to continue to promote the sport of OCR and the local obstacle racing scene in New England with the formation of the New England Spahtens Podcast. In doing so New England Spahtens is the first club in the United States to have their own dedicated podcast.

Not only is the podcast available on iTunes and other podcasts players. Additionally, Jones being a tech guy films each episode of the podcast allowing for a richer listening and watching experience. Check out the latest episode with Lauren Casavant, who puts on the PursuEVENTures event we profiled earlier this summer.

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