Udder Mud Run is a fund raiser by the FFA-FHA of Georgia at their camp in Covington. While that might make it seem like a quick, low cost throw together event, Udder Mud Run is anything but that. They have some of the most fun obstacles around. This is a family friendly event with both a 7K and a 1 mile event.

They go the extra distance to make sure that the FFA-FHA theme is not only on the shirts and medals but even at the obstacles. Udder Mud Run has a number of permanent obstacles set up that they use for the camps they do and other events. The water slides they have are among some of the fastest around. They are continuing to improve the event year after year.
imageWhile it is a very family oriented event, Udder Mud Run has one of the toughest set of Monkey Bars around. They have taken a cattle gate, think 2 inch wide bars set horizontally, then made it tougher by adding a water spray above them, so a good grip is tough. Added to that are traces of the “lube” used at previous obstacles, that has survived the journey to the beginning of the bars. Based on what I have seen over the past 3 years of doing this event, I would say they Monkey Bars are under a 5% completion rate.


The other notable obstacle include Udder Trouble, a set of rollers set about shoulder height in/over water. Go over the rollers and get dumped into the water. Another is an 18 inch diameter PVC drain pipe set horizontally then covered in lube. Sit on the pipe and slide you way across without falling off into the water.

Udder Mud Run has a competitive wave for those who are interested. While there is no cash prize, the winners are awarded handmade trophies. This event is were a lot of people in and around Atlanta get started in OCR’s because it is such a fun and friendly event. The OCR group, Georgia Obstacle Racers and Mud Runners, GORMR, officially recognizes this event as one of the best around and always has a big presence there.

This event is like a big fun family get together, everyone is welcome and out to have a good time. The elites unlike a lot of events take a second trip out to go and have some fun.

Parking and spectators are always free and spectators are allowed anywhere alone the course they want to walk, with the main bulk of obstacles within a half mile walk of the start and finish line area.

Udder Mud Run is 5 out of 5 stars.


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