Amy Pajcic at first glance is an unassuming athlete, she quietly has been a dominant female in the sport of OCR and American Ninja Warrior for years. Her first foray into OCR was jumping straight into World's Toughest Mudder after a friend convinced her it would be fun. Pajcic quickly asserted herself in the sport finishing 3rd in that event.

Since that time she has been on American Ninja Warrior multiple times where the world knows her best as Amy “Magic” Pajcic, completed some of the most challenging obstacle races, is an obstacle ninja, all the while still working full time as a veterinarian at a 24-hour vet clinic in Ohio. Pajcic quietly continues to dominate some of the most challenging obstacle races in the United States including Conquer the Gauntlet.

Pajcic recently sat down with Mud Run Guide to talk about how she got into the world of OCR and ANW as well how she balances it all. Also, she gives us insight into her other hobbies and how OCR and ANW have helped her in her career.

Amy Pajcic Talks American Ninja Warrior, OCR, and More


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