Hey, everyone! Wolfpack Ninjas here, today we want to help you a bit with some nutrition pointers that will help you really blast off in your training and are vital to your success as an OCR athlete!

Here are some basic pointers that we want to cover, but definitely, check out our eBook for more in-depth discussion and tips (click the image to gain the purchase link.)


Let's keep it simple:

Here are 5 easy tips to incorporate into your lifestyle today to make vast improvements in your endurance and strength to weight ratio!


That is not natural AND has a fiber component to it. You need to lower the glycemic index and make the insulin “spike” easier on your system by eating sugars that have fiber associated with them. If you ABSOLUTELY NEED chocolate (like I do…), add an apple or another fruity treat that has a skin or other fibrous component! That's a huge tip…


And juice too! There is no fiber in juice! This deserves its own number because reducing your dependence on sugar is absolutely critical.


Veggies are power food. period. they stack nutritious minerals, vitamins and fiber together for a body fuel that keeps you sated and feeling light and strong. We like to roast our veggies and you should check out the recipes in our eBOOK.


Dairy will whey you down (HAHAHA, get it!?) and the animal proteins are not as good for you as the fat and cholesterol are bad… and the nutrition value is not as dense either. Having a yogurt now and again are fine, but day-in-day-out ice cream, milk, cheese etc are a quick way to fight gains made training.


There I said it! Hard to digest and filled with complex stress hormones, antibiotics etc. meat is over-rated. If you have to do meat, make it once a week like I do, chicken or fish… Red meat almost never (ONLY organic, grass FINISHED, etc. Elk or other game…)

Well there you go! Make sure you are light and fast and come learn more and play on NINJA obstacles at our very first HISTORIC Wolfpack Ninja Tour in DENVER Colorado, April 29th & 30th 2017! The top Ninjas will be competing and lecturing about fitness, teaching kid's classes and MORE! Learn more at


By Ninjadoc, Noah T. Kaufman, MD

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