Goal & Recap

Goal: Lose 10 pounds in 30 days, 1200 calorie/day deficit through additional activity or dietary restrictions.

SmashPlan Nutrition: 800 calories/day reduction following nutrition plan

SmashPlan Fitness: 400 calories/day reduction following fitness plan

SmashPlan Fitness

I'll admit, this is the part of this program that had me more than a little excited, I've written at least a hundred different plans since cobbling together my first book back in 2010, and I haven't created one in almost 2 years after wrapping up FXT: Functional Cross-Training with my co-author and best training partner ever, Jason Warner. If you'd like a little peek into my past as a “fat kid”, the introduction takes care of that pretty quickly.

ripped-coverThe FXT training program is far and away my favorite ever, and also the most complicated-yet-satisfying to write. As a follow-up to my best-selling book ever, 7 Weeks to Getting RippedFXT needed to build on that program, and tie in principles from 7 Weeks to 10 Pounds of Muscle, in order to be a year-round resource for athletes to stay focused on their fitness and training without getting stuck in one particular rut. We're pretty proud of that book and all we put into it, some day those programs will catch fire… maybe. As a nod to Ripped, I'm using the Level 1 plan from that book, you can download it here for free. While we're at it, here's a free 50-page sample of 7 Weeks to Getting Ripped, as I talk about a lot of the same stuff!

Note: 7 Weeks to Getting Ripped Level 1 is 3 weeks long, I'll repeat the final week twice.

My SmashPlan Fitness program is designed to be very, very simple. 400 calories/day from additional exercise isn't a huge hill to climb, and about 60 minutes of nearly any moderate activity is more than enough to hit that mark. And once again, I'm creating the SmashPlan Fitness portion to meet my goals and work to my strengths; I personally like bodyweight exercises and running, and live in a community where I can get out and ride my bike or hop on the treadmill, we moved to AZ as it is extremely conducive to exercise in the winter, sorrynotsorry to those in cold climates during the winter! Honestly though, this whole plan can be done inside and hit the treadmill or walk around a mall for 30 minutes. If this plan doesn't work for you, grab a P90X DVD or fire up Daily Burn; it's up to you.

NOTE: I'm keeping the math simple herewith no calculation of my Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)


  • 30 minutes walking or easy bike riding
  • 20 minutes Ripped Level 1
    • 10 Pull Ups, 15 Squats, 14 Push Ups, 14 Hanging Leg Raises
    • 11 Chin Ups, 13 Lunges (per leg), 15 Push Ups, 1:00 Plank
    • 8 Pull Ups, 12 Squats, 12 Narrow Push Ups*, 24 Mason Twists
      • *typo in PDF, should read as “12 Narrow Push Ups”


  • 5k moderate run



  • 5k moderate run



  • 1 hour hiking, biking, or jogging


  • 1 hour easy run

Progress to Week 2 of Ripped program

Getting Started

With my Nutrition and Fitness plan ready, I'm kicking off my SmashPlan on 1/2/2017 – and to make it even harder I'll be on vacation too; with all the tempting food & drinks that come along with it. You can follow along with my daily SmashPlan updates here on mudrunguide.com or on our Facebook page!

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