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365 Sports Inc. and Crazy Canuck Events have announced Tuesday, January 17th that they will be merging their efforts to bring Mud Hero to Canadians nationwide. 365 Sports Inc has acquired 52% of Crazy Canuck Events marking the largest merger in the Canadian OCR industry. Crazy Canucks has been bringing Mud Hero to adults and kids with 6km and 10km obstacle courses coast to coast. Mud Hero continues to be a favorite Canadian obstacle race series. Their wildly popular runs have caught hold of the global obstacle racing trend in Canada. 365 Sports Inc. has gained global popularity in the same space hosting OCR World Championships as well as the popular 5k Foam Fest.

“365 Sports and Crazy Canuck Events have always had a friendly rivalry going on in our space, then one day we thought wouldn’t it be awesome if we could combine efforts and work together! In an industry that’s so competitive, we’re excited about all the positives of sharing and learning from each other for common goals.” – Adam Ruppel, Co-founder Crazy Canuck Events

Since launching 5k Foam Fest in 2014, 365 Sports Inc. has been attracting mud runners to get filthy clean at 5k Foam Fest. Good, clean competition in the space has lead to the largest merger in Canadian OCR history.

365 Sports Inc. Partners Jesse Fulton, Tony Smith & Mike Lambert are looking forward to a symbiotic relationship with their new collaborators Adam Ruppel, Ted McLeod and the Crazy Canuck team. They will now be the largest Canadian sports events company in the OCR / Running industry. Which is the fastest growing sporting category in the world.

“It’s always exciting for partnerships like this to happen. Our acquisition of the shares in Crazy Canuck Events will not only improve our events catalog but help us become more efficient and able to push the customer experience and quality further. Ted and Adam are innovators in this space, and we can all confidently agree that they have put on by far some of the most amazing and quality events while trailblazing along the way. We are excited to get to work on their portfolio of events and planned growth within this space. Tony and I have some great big plans on the horizon for the growth of 365 and we both agreed this is a perfect fit within it.” – Jesse Fulton, President & Founder of 365 Sports Inc.

Mud Hero Event 2016

“I am very excited about this partnership with 365 Sports. As Crazy Canuck Events and 365 Sports are leaders in the event management space, we will definitely see a lot of positives out of this relationship – both in the short term and years to come”. – Ted McLeod, Co-founder Crazy Canuck Events

The talent of both organizations bring incredibly different and valuable experiences to the table. The 365 Sports Inc. boasts a leadership team spanning each generation with a baby boomer, Gen X, and millennial at the reigns of the company. Their resumes include executive tenure-ship at Sony, a degree in Sports Management, a 13 year global career as a pro snowboarder & Olympic Coach, and a team of dedicated event pros across North America. Crazy Canuck Events offers the talents of its pioneering co-founders and the team they lead who boast longstanding careers in the athletic events industry and corporate world of sport.

“From the perspective of 365 Sports, the acquisition of shares in Crazy Canucks opens many doors to exciting new opportunities — perhaps more importantly, however, is the fact that, with this partnership, we will be able to expand and improve our existing offerings significantly and in an expedited fashion. At 365, we are always aiming to push forward towards process improvements that enhance our offering and our relationship to our customers. We maintain a laser focus on customer service and we feel that Crazy Canucks shares this passion.

Both organizations have proven their passion to provide innovative, challenging and fun fitness-oriented events to the public. Together Crazy Canucks and 365 possess many processes and procedures that are harmonious and similar, however, it is in our diversity, our different perspective, and collective experiences, that we see the overall enhancement to our respective teams and collective teams. We are mutually committed to creating rewarding, well-executed, leading edge events that revolve around creating quality experiences and memories for participants and spectators.

Working together, 365 and Crazy Canucks are guaranteed to deliver inclusive and welcoming events that provide a balance between competition and fun for all participants. There truly will be something for everyone with our combined vision and values. We are confident that this winning combination will allow 365 to expedite our growth stratagem which will, in turn, set up both organizations for long-term success.” – Tony Smith, CEO 365 Sports Inc.

In addition to the acquisition, 365 Sports Inc. has engaged a new agency partner to support it’s growing portfolio of brands. Digital Advertising & PR Shop Multivitamin Media will act as AOR for 5k Foam Fest, Mud Hero, Urban Slide Canada, Snow Crown, and all 365 projects. On Tuesday, January 17th the two organizations met as one to begin planning for Mud Hero 2017.

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