I recently met with Country Archer at Outdoor Retailers this winter and got to try out a bunch of their products. After trying their products I sat down with members of their team to talk about the company, which has been around since 1977, and the products they offer. Below is the video from Outdoor Retailers.

After Outdoor Retailers, Country Archer sent me a large box full of their entire product line. Below is a look at the care package from Country Archer. Meeting this company could not have come at a better time since a similar product which I have loved since the Hunter Gatherer race in 2013 was recently sold to General Mills. As with many companies when they are bought out by a large corporation the future of the quality of the product is sometimes in limbo. Hoping it will continue to be high quality but time will tell.

So for me finding this product could not have been better timing. Sampling most of the jerky's and the meat bars at Outdoor Retailer I was delighted to have the box come with the full line from the company. Definitely, the mango habanero is a favorite in the jerky line so far. The bars are perfect for a meal on the go or a snack after a long hike or run.

Overall, I am stoked to have found Country Archer and look forward to using their products in the future to fuel my adventures wherever they might take me.


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