Your First Mud Run is a mud run series started in 2011 by Brad Vaccaro. The first event was held at Garret Mountain in Woodland Park, New Jersey. Mud Run Guide caught up with Vaccaro to find out more about this family friendly mud run. 

Why were you motivated to start Your First Mud Run?

I felt the need in the industry for an entry level event that's good for the whole family and wanted to give people that were afraid to try the sport, an opportunity to try a race that wasn't intimidating

Why did you pick that name? 

I changed the name twice over three years and stuck with what we have now to get across the family friendly, entry level nature of our event

Who is your event geared?

Our event is geared towards families and first timers

What makes Your First Mud Run Different? 

We were the 1st race in the country where kids and parents run same course side by side, and we can bring our event anywhere.

Talk about how families can compete together at your event?

At Your First Mud Run kids and parents run the same course together with a kid and adult versions of each obstacle. Its perfect for the whole family,  of all different ages, to do a sporting event together

If you had to give someone three reasons to try your event what would they be?

1. Perfect for the whole family

2. It is a great event for first timers 

3. unlimited fundraising potential for any team, school, charity or any organization.

What do you consider your signature obstacle?

Our mini cargo net is our signature obstacle. It's only 8 feet high, so its safe for everyone.

How has OCR impacted your life? 

It has allowed me to compete at a high level again. I run competitively in the Spartan Race series. It has encouraged me to get in better shape, and challenge myself again, and spawned a fun competition with my girlfriend.

What is next for Your First Mud Run?

2017 we will have ten events in 5 different states, and have even expanded into hosting the only track meet in the world held entirely on the beach and the only Battle of the sexes 5k. the long term goal is to have five regions across the US with 15 – 20 events in each region, covering a total of at least 15 states.

Before ending our conversation, we talked about what OCR veterans can get out of this event, and Vaccaro said…

The veterans of OCR, are the people who should love our event the most, as it is a perfect event for them to get all their friends who are too chicken to try a mud run or OCR event. Many of the other races are always claiming to be bigger and better and longer and tougher, so I'm sure it's hard for a lot of the hard-core racers to get their friends who aren't as crazy hard-core as they are to try a race with them.

Our race is the perfect event to get everyone in on this awesome sport, even if they're not in great shape or were too afraid to try some of the more intense races.

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