Warrior Dash kicked off their 2017 season in Florida over the weekend. Arnel Banawa of OCRTUBE was on hand to capture all the action of one of the original OCR's in North America. The 5K course featured a mix of new and perennial favorites for racers to take on. Warrior Dash, while a fun mud run for most, is also an OCR World Championships Qualifier for those who finish well in the first heat of the day.

OCRTUBE Warrior Dash Florida 2017


Thanks to Arnel Banawa for capturing yet another race for the OCR Community to enjoy. Warrior Dash has something for everyone and Arnel showcased it in his latest video.

Race Results


Ranking/ Name

1 Caleb Gruner

2 Abraham Ashton

3 Christopher Harris

4 Joe Stiles

5 Michael Charles

6 Rudy Peone

7 Alex Fiorillo

8 Bernd Liesenfeld

9 Chris Purnell

10 Benjamin Williams


Ranking/ Name

1 Caroline Norton

2 Ashley Carpenter

3 Amy Hood

4 Brittany Owens

5 Heather Brannen

6 Rachel Williams

7 Antonia Peone

8 Penny Gimpel

9 Rachel Prendergast

10 Mia Turner

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