What Doesn't Kill UsScott Carney set off in 2012 to debunk Wim Hof and the Wim Hof Method. Carney an experienced investigative journalist spent most of his career debunking gurus and false prophets. He traveled to Poland to meet the man and learn his methods and expose him. However, instead of debunking Hof he was a convert to the benefits of the cold.

After claiming an ice covered mountain is nothing more than a pair of shorts with Hof, Carney set off on his own Odyssey into basic human physiology. Carney traveled around the world, learning the methods of elite athletes and trainers working with people like Laird Hamilton and Brian MacKenzie.  He would learn how we as humans can tap into our own inner strengths.

Carney's travels took him to some of the top research labs around the world to be studied and speak with researchers looking at the science of cold adaptation on the body. During his travels, he took on a few obstacle races chronicled in the book including one of the toughest obstacles races – The Original Tough Guy Challenge.

Margaret Schlachter talks to Carney about how his book, research, and how we can all tap into our inner strengths. Find out how you too can tap into your inner strength and why every obstacle racer should add – What Doesn't Kill Us to their OCR reading list.

Scott Carney and Margaret Schlachter Talk What Doesn't Kill Us



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