Goliathon a charity based obstacle race in the United States announced yesterday the launch of a new fundraising campaign for #WorldWaterDay. Since the beginning, race organizers – consisting of a group of volunteers – created Goliathon as an event to give back. Over the years they have focused on bringing clean drinking water to people all over the world. Today they launched a new campaign in advance of their next event on June 3, 2017. Learn more from the video and find out how you can get involved.

MissionH2O from Goliathon on Vimeo.

Mission H2O encourages participants to motivate their friends, families, and coworkers to support Goliathon’s primary goal of providing aid to those in need around the world – with our specific focus of providing clean water to people in developing countries.  We've had several tremendous athletes complete all of the G3 Goliathon obstacles – earning them the title of David. Participants who drive this fundraising effort by gaining support of $1000 or more will have achieved for others at the highest level, earning them the title Mission H2O David…and some cool prizes along the way. Have your friends visit http://www.goliathon.com/h2o to support Mission H2O, where every dollar goes to the field to build water projects.  Our next event is June 3rd!

Learn how to sign up for your next event, here.

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