Survival Run Nicaragua took place for the fifth year on the island of Ometepe in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, Nicaragua. The extreme endurance challenge, called by many one of the hardest races in the world, had fifty-one athletes toe the starting line on Friday afternoon. OCRTUBE's Arnel Banawa made the trip to capture all the action. The 24+ hour race had athlete traversing over 70 kilometers on the island including several swims, two volcanos, running, and biking.

The race is set up with the finisher medal consisting of four pieces which read out at the end I DID NOT FAIL. Along the course athletes receive each piece for completing a certain number of challenges. The order is FAIL, I, DID, and if they succeed and reach the finish they receive the coveted NOT medal. This unique challenge gives athletes of varying abilities a chance to test themselves on this course. For many just receiving the first “FAIL” medal is an accomplishment.

In the end, two athletes this year completed all the challenges and made it across the finish line. Paul Romero crossed the finish line first, now with two wins on Ometepe under his belt. David Dietrich who just missed the time cut-off last year racing as a team, came back this year to complete the race becoming the second finisher at Survival Run Nicaragua 2017. Watch the full video from Arnel Banawa and OCRTUBE and relive the Survival Run experience.


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