Simple, Smart, & Effective

We've all been there; just finished a sweaty training run, leaving the gym, or getting back into the car after a MTB ride or an OCR… and you forgot a towel. Even with a towel, you're liable to sweat through it onto your seats or cake mud all over your upholstery. We all know towels don't stay in place either, once you sit down they slide wherever they want to anyway.

Run's Done is a perfect solution; the microfiber suede sports towel seat cover is large enough to cover your seat (or cargo area) and stays in place with little rubber nubs on the back of the reusable version – they also make a disposable version for those who'd rather toss it out after a use or two.


Tested & Approved

After a hot & sweaty 5 mile run, I pulled open the pack and used it 3 different ways:

  1. It made a great post-run stretching mat on the hot pavement in the trailhead parking lot
  2. After shaking it out, I threw it in the cargo area while changing out of my shoes and sat on it while cooling down and rehydrating a bit.
  3. Once I was ready to go, I threw it over my driver's seat, tucking the top around my headrest to keep it in-place

It worked perfectly, was way more comfortable than sliding around with a sweaty t-shirt and shorts on leather seats, and my wife doesn't have to strangle me for a dirty or smelly car. Win-win.



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