“An all-ages playground.”

This was the description that Dr. Noah Kaufman gave when asked about the upcoming Wolfpack Ninja Competition. The event, takes place on April 29 and 30 at Magness Arena in Denver.

“Anyone from 5 years old and up are going to have fun on this course,” he shared. “It is family friendly, competitor friendly, and beginner friendly all at the same time, it is the best playground.”

This event will also be giving back to the local community as a portion of every ticket sold is being donated to the Denver Children's Hospital. It starts on Friday night with a VIP look at the course. The competition kick off on Saturday with kids classes and all day qualifying rounds.

The kids classes will be taught by ninja pros such as Jessie Graff, Joe Moravsky and members of the Wolfpack.  The kids classes will give kids a chance to learn how to become a Ninja but also a chance for autographs and pictures after. The competition will take place throughout the day. The first step for competitors will be to qualify on the standalone obstacles.

There will be 35 obstacles and for a chance to get into the double elimination rounds which will be taking place throughout the day you must show successful completion on 3o of the 35 in a two hour time frame. If you purchase the VIP package, you do get to bypass the qualification round.

If you are not interested in qualifying you are welcome to test your skills on some of the obstacles. The pre-qualifying obstacles are various obstacles including various sizes of the warped wall, trampoline based ninja style obstacles, and agility challenges.

Once you prove your abilities on the pre-qualifying obstacles; you can take on the main course in a double elimination format.Kaufman explained that the course is much like an OCR short course without the mud.

“The course is going to be down the center of the arena,” he explained “It is about 180 feet and packed with obstacles.”

There will be over thirty thousand dollars in cash prizes for pro level, amateur level and kids prizes on the line that weekend. This is one of the first events that allows kids as young as 12 to compete for cash prizes.

We really want to encourage kids to get involved,” Kaufman said “We want to get them exposed to the ninja life style and help support them in learning a healthy lifestyle.”

Saturday night will also host a college competition where schools and fraternities can challenge each other on the course to see who is on top.

Throughout the day the Ninja Pro's will be on hand to give demonstrations on the course and sign autographs with fans. Sunday the kids classes will continue and the final chance to qualify for the double elimination tournament takes place. At 4:30 the finals for all levels begin.

Kaufman encourages people even if they are not shooting to make the finals to try out their competition as a safe place to test their obstacle training out.

“You will be able to go 100 mile per hour without the risk,” he said ” You will be able to test your training on obstacles and get out there and take risks without the risk, or the burpees.”

“This is the best playground for kids, families, athletes, Ninja fans, OCR athletes,”


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