Anyone that has ever done a Tough Mudder / World’s Toughest Mudder event knows the name “Sean Corvelle”. He is and has been the face and voice for Tough Mudder for many years now. I know personally, the first time that I heard his start line speech it helped calm some of my fears at my 1st event (although anyone that has seen the GoPro footage can tell I am scared).

Sean has had many adventures in his professional career – working in TV, being a stand-up comedian, and most recently becoming the VOICE of an obstacle course race series.  He has become a part of the Tough Mudder nation and family, and every race he attends you can hear his passion, heart, and love for the OCR community.  In every picture that I see of this kind man, he always has a smile on his face and is now part of the Tough Mudder / OCR community for life.

Sean was gracious enough to sit down with me via Skype and have a chat about Tough Mudder and his thoughts on the OCR community.  On a personal note, the conversation between Sean and I felt like I was talking to an old friend. He is such a genuine and sweet man. At times, he was asking me about my thoughts on Tough Mudder and my first event.  I can’t wait to see him at Tough Mudder Whistler this year, give him a huge hug and say thank you.

How did you get involved with Tough Mudder?

I turned down the offer at first to be the start line MC, but was approached again and ended up deciding to go for it. My friend Clinton Jackson worked with Tough Mudder at the time and I ended up saying yes in the end and started working as the start line MC in 2011.

What is it you love the most about being involved with Tough Mudder?

The human connection I get to be a part of and to see at each event. I get to meet so many great people and everyone has a story to tell. I am touched every time I meet someone new or see someone on course achieving a goal or overcoming a personal obstacle.

I also really like the fact that Tough Mudder is creating more team obstacles where to succeed you have to help one another. For example Pyramid Scheme – you need the helping hands of friends/strangers/ other races on course to get you over that obstacle.

The motivational start line speech that you give to each Tough Mudder starting wave, is that something that TMHQ put together for you or do you get any input?

There are some key points that I do have to address during each starting corral speech, but I would say 90% of it comes from my heart.

IS there any one event or moment in your MC career that has humbled or left you speechless?

At each event, there are multiple moments like this. I can’t pick out just one, as I learn so much about the mudders on course – whether it is their first time or if they are a legionnaire!

What are your thoughts about the Tough Mudder ½ course or the Toughest Mudder?
I feel it will bring new people into the event and into our community. The half Tough Mudder course may not be as intimidating as the full, and this is a great way to introduce new people to our event. In the end, there is a good chance they will then sign up for a full Tough Mudder Event.

As for the Toughest Mudder event, it will give those athletes a chance to test out an endurance course and to push themselves farther than they thought. On either course, there will always be a helping hand and a friendly smile to get them through. Tough Mudder is and will always be about teamwork, lending a hand and challenging yourself – it is not a race.

What do you love most about the OCR (Obstacle Course Racing Community)?

The people. It has to be the people. The OCR community welcome anyone into it with open arms. It doesn’t matter if you are an elite athlete or a first timer; there are a ton of people that are willing to help you out. We are in a respect a large family and we all want each other to succeed.

Be honest, at World’s Toughest Mudder, do you and Clinton Jackson stay up all night?

Yes, we do. The way I see it, I am there standing around and doing a job but if people are out there all night pushing themselves to their limits, then I stand with them by staying awake and bringing as most positive energy to the all night event as I can.

What are your thoughts about the new Tougher Mudder Heat?

I am not against it. It is nice that those athletes that can push themselves and “race” the course are recognized. I see the Ultra athletes as inspiring, and feel they need to also be put into the spotlight as to get where they are it takes a lot of hard work, determination and beyond mental grit.

If someone were to come up to you on the course and say hi, or give you a high five is that cool?

Of course. I love that part of the community – human connection is important and I have gotten to know so many people on and off course because of Tough Mudder. Please, Mudders feel free to come and say hi before you take off on course. I often get pictures taken with Tough Mudder participants and they go up on facebook. The people are what make this community great.

Have you seen Rise of the Sufferfests yet?

No, not yet, but I promise I will watch it. It feels weird watching myself on screen.

If people want to get in touch with you on Social Media, where can they find you?

Facebook: Sean Corvelle
His Website:

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