Spartan Race World Championship 2016 Video Highlights

Photo Credit: Spartan Race

Yesterday afternoon Hobie Call announced on the Spartan Race Facebook Page live that he joined the Spartan Race Pro-Team for 2017. In the announcement, he stated this will be his last year of competitive racing and plans to win all the NBC Spartan Races this year. He sat down with Mud Run Guide to give his first public interview since the announcement yesterday.

We sit down for an informal kitchen conversation after Hobie got done with work on Friday afternoon from his full-time job in heating and air conditioning installation and repair in Salt Lake City, Utah. Hobie talks about joining the team, turning 40, and retirement plans after this season of obstacle course racing.

Hobie Call Talks Spartan Pro-Team


Hobie Call has long been when of the most prominent athletes in obstacle racing. He began his obstacle racing career with racing Spartan Races and plans to cap off his seven-year career in the sport with Spartan Races. Check out the full interview above and learn a bit more about Hobie Call and his journey in obstacle racing.

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