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OCR News Weekly – June 16, 2017

Welcome to OCR News Weekly. Today is Friday, June 16, 2017. I am Margaret Schlachter and thanks for joining the live broadcast.


We start with news that rocked the OCR World last weekend in Europe.

As reported by Mudstacle.com earlier this week Tragedy struck The Netherlands last weekend with an incident at VenloStormt in the South of the Netherlands, last Saturday. The incident involved experienced athlete Gitte Leurs going down a slide obstacle and another competitor landing on top of her, knocking Luers unconscious. After not resurfacing, spectators alerted rescue divers who went in to retrieve her and started to resuscitate. Luers was taken to the hospital and was reported to be in a critical condition, but sadly lost her life overnight.

Leurs came in second at Strong Viking the weekend before and was a strong contender in the current OCR Series races. A minute's silence will be held before the start of this weekend's OCR Series final in Nijmegen (NI-may-hem), Netherlands.
This is the seventh known fatality in the history of obstacle course racing: a competitor died from a heart attack at Tough Guy (UK) in 2000 and another recently at a Spartan Race from the same cause in Asia, two died from heatstroke at Warrior Dash Kansas (USA) in 2011 and there have been two prior deaths from drowning – at Texas Mud Run in 2012 and Tough Mudder West Virginia in 2013, both also in here in the USA.

The entire European and global OCR community has come together in the wake of this tragedy and many especially in the Dutch Mud Men community have remarked they have never seen the community so united in the wake of the tragedy.

Our next story this week come from Spartan Race.

Earlier this spring a Spartan Race tesed a new race in Iceland. This week details of the first “Ultra World Championship” 24-hour Spartan Race were released.  The 24-Hour race is set to take place December 16, 2017, in Reykjavik, Iceland. The course will feature 24-hours of racing on a 5-mile course with over 30- man-made and natural obstacles. More than $25,000 in cash prizes will be awarded. Currently registration is open to past Ultra Beast participants and next week will be opening for general registration. More details of the event can be found on Mud Run Guide.com



Tough Mudder Wants You to Design their next obstacle!

Tough Mudder is bringing back it’s Extreme Obstacle Design Challenge for 2017.  The company wants to give you the opportunity design and to see your dream obstacle come to life. The competition invites people from all over the world to submit an idea for Tough Mudder’s next new obstacle which could be made into a reality for 2018.

The winner will receive flights and accommodation to Las Vegas for our alpha testing, which is the third step of our ‘Innovation Team’s’ 5-step process. Additionally at the alpha testing weekend winners will get to watch their obstacle come to life, and test others that are being considered for Tough Mudder’s 2018 obstacle menu. For more information check out our story on Mudrunguide.



This week we highlight the results from Spartan Race in both Dallas and Tri-State as well as Australia’s True Grit 24-hour Endo Results.

Starting with Spartan Race AT&T

Moving Next to the Tri-State Sprint


Next we move over to True Grit 24-hour Endo Results






If you are a race series and want to have your results featured on the podcast send a link to Mud Run Guide for a chance to have your results featured.


As we look ahead to this weekend. Savage Race heads to Pennsylvania, Boston hosts both a Spartan Race Sprint and Green Beret Challenge, BoneFrog is in New Jersey, and Black Swamp Dash in Ohio.

Moving up to Canada, Tough Mudder (and Toughest Mudder) are set to take place this weekend in Whistler, British Columbia. Montreal will host Mud Hero and 5K Foam Fest is at Sun Peaks Resort.

In Europe – Toughest Series makes a stop in London. Fisherman’s Friends Strongman Run is in Germany. Finally the last stop of the OCR Series is set to take place in the Netherlands. For the full list of events around the world, this weekend be sure to check out the Mud Run Guide Event Calendar.

That’s all for this week in OCR and OCR News Weekly powered by Mud Run Guide. Join us next week for all the news and results from around the industry. If you missed the live broadcast you can find this episode on all your favorite podcast players and on YouTube.

This is Margaret Schlachter signing off for this week. Best of luck to all those racing and have a fun and muddy weekend!

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