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Haze here, your favorite competitor from Season 1 of American Grit. I have the distinct honor of taking over for Bonnie to bring you weekly reviews of our favorite show, American Grit. I will keep the reviews as unbiased as possible and try to throw in some behind the scene comparisons from my experience in Season 1. This Sunday, June 11th, kicks off the long-awaited return of American Grit! If you’ve been paying attention to the promos and hype, you’ll notice that Season 2 and Season 1 have some differences, just listen to the opening theme. Here is a quick look at the breakdown for Season 1 vs Season 2 to help get us up to speed with the new crop of competitors and changes made to the show.



American Grit Season 1:

  • 16 competitors, considered to be “elite athletes”, looking to push themselves further.
  • 4 teams of 4: Green, Blue, Red, and Silver.
  • 4 Cadre: US Marine, US Army Ranger, US Army Airborne, and US Navy Seal.
  • Location: Deep in a Washington State Rainforest (it was absolutely freezing, even without the ice bucket).
  • Living Situation: Competitors lived together at “Base Camp” while the Cadre/John Cena lived separately from the competitors.
  • Winnings: One TEAM of 4 having the potential to win One Million Dollars ($250,000 apiece).
  • Slogans: “Don’t ring out” and “Show your Grit!”



American Grit Season 2:

  • 17 competitors, considered “ordinary individuals”, looking to find the strength within themselves.
  • 4 teams: Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow. Not positive how the teams will be split up since there is an odd number.
  • 4 Cadre: Green Beret, US Marine x 2, and US Army Drill Sargent.
  • Location: A swampy looking place somewhere in Georgia (looks sunny and pleasant).
  • Living Situation: Competitors AND Cadre living together at “Camp Grit”.
  • Winnings: INDIVIDUAL WINNER of $250,000 (Are they ditching the “teamwork” theme from last season and focusing more on individual accomplishments?).
  • Slogan: “Find your Grit”.


From TV previews and the social media of American Grit and Producer Jon Kroll, this season feels a bit more light-hearted than that of the previous. Like when John Cena babies Hannah for getting a fish hook stuck in her leg, or the adorable new “showmance” between Burk and Cena. However, the challenges do not seem to have weakened by the looks of things. You’ll notice in the trailer that there is still plenty of strength, endurance, and mental fortitude required to complete the challenges. I’m sure we are all interested to see if the Evolutions and Circuses are harder physically and/or mentally, or if they have been scaled back for these “averages Joes”.

Below you will find the names of the new Competitors and Cadre as well as their Instagram handles. Be sure to follow them on social media and cheer for your favorites!



Chloe Mondesir: US Marines- @chloemondesir

John Burk: US Army Drill Sargent – @johnburk1

Grady Powell: Green Beret – @gradypowell

Riki Long: US Marines – @lil_riki_



Herman Singh – @herman_singh_brar

Nathalie Martin @mrsmartin0697

Carla Monica Mireles – @carla_mireles

Will Westwater – @willydubz

Gigi Gustin – @gigigustin

Heather Pincelli – @floridapigirl

Shermon Braithwaite – @shermonb

Chris Edom – @grittychrisadilla

Alison Kempkey – @mamaste_all_day

Gill Morton – @queenbee.yoga

George Foreman IV – @george_f_iv

Scarlett Angelina – @sweetswag

Michael Wilson Morgan – @mwmghostwolf

Melanie Mahanna – @melaniemahanna

Richard Mallard – @vapingwithtwisted420

Janessa Morgan – @therealjanessamorgan

Hannah Johanna Koen – @hannahjohannakoen


Check in with me on a weekly basis for my review on the newest episode of American Grit! I’ll be live tweeting during the shows (@BigHaze22) and look forward to hearing your comments!


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